*ūsvag, aux mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.Often rdp.To hurry, hasten; be hasty (to do something).Imūs sila minīg dayn dī supaya sila diꞌ abutan sin banta nila.They left here in a hurry so that their enemies wouldn’t meet them.Nagꞌūs-ūs sila pa tabuꞌ.They hurried in going to the market.Ūsun ku in hinang ini sabab kagunahan.I’ll hurry this work because it’s needed.Subay diꞌ ūsan in tau bang naghihinang supaya diꞌ masāꞌ.A person should not be hurried when working so that he/she won’t make a mistake.Piyaūs-ꞌūs niya in bataꞌ kimaun hangkan biyungkul.He ordered the child to hurry eating, that’s why he choked.np(iy)agꞌūsanOften rdp.Reason for hurrying.Unu in piyagꞌūs-ūsan mu?What are you in a great hurry for?adj./advmaūsQuick(ly), hurried(ly), in a hurry.Maūs in panaw namuꞌ hangkan diꞌ na kami sumakat pa taas bāy mu.We are in a hurry so we won’t come into your house.OV SYN.kasay 1samutsiglaꞌbiskay

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