haylayavar.harirayanA religious festival (usu. one of the two named below).vag mag-, -um-, mang-.To celebrate such a festival.Mataud in tau Muslim maghaylaya kunsūm.There are many Muslims who will be celebrating the religious festival tomorrow.Haylaya Hadjiꞌcomp.vThe celebration on the the 10th day of the month Julhadjiꞌ (on this day some of the pilgrims are making a sacrifice [kulban] in Saudi Arabia).Haylaya Puasacomp.vThe celebration at the end of the month of Ramadan, occurring thirty days after the beginning of the fast.In Jolo gambling is usu. authorized for the week of the celebration. People visit each other’s homes, greeting each other and eating together. They relax in the refreshment parlors in town and attend movies. The atmosphere is one of celebration and merrymaking.

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