ligapnSomething to do (which keeps one from doing what he is supposed to do or has been asked to do).Diꞌ aku makaagad kaniyu bihaun mataud in ligap ku.I can’t come with you now, I have many things to do.vtag mang-; pat -un.(For a person or a condition) to interfere with something one is doing or intends to do (by having him do something else).Karuꞌ sadja in mangligap kākuꞌ sakahabaꞌ-kahabaꞌ aku magjaga.Whenever I guard sleepiness always interferes with me (i.e. I go to sleep).vipat ma-.To be interfered with (in doing something by having to do something else), be occupied (with something so that something else is not seen or done).Naligap aku kaina, walaꞌ ku kiyasayuhan in kalabay sin magdaragang istaꞌ.I was busy a while ago and did not notice the fish vendor pass by.nkaligapan, kiyaligapanSomething else to do (that interferes with doing something).Marayꞌ awn kaligapan mu Sabtuꞌ sūngun ini?Maybe you have something else to do this coming Saturday?Cf.sasaw

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