hinang1.1nWork, task, chore, stint, manual labor, job.In hinang niya ha bāy maghugas sadja kakaunan.Her household chore is only washing the dishes.Awn hinang niya ha parinta.He has a job in the government.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To do, build, make, work on (something).Hinanga ba ini kākuꞌ.Will you make this for me?Haunu kaw maghinang?Where are you working?Ha Parang sila maghinang bāy.They’ll build their house in Parang.adjhinang-hinangCounterfeit, not genuine.In sīn ini hinang-hinang.This money is counterfeit.Cf.paltik1.2vran -an.(With ngiꞌ) to find fault against (someone).Hinangan niya ngiꞌ in taymanghud niya.He’s finding fault against his brother.1.3nA feast, party, or celebration (if followed by a number or the word kamattiyan, refers to a death remembrance celebration).Kuꞌnu in hinang pitu?When is the seventh day death celebration?
hinang tū 3rd-day
hinang pitu 7th-day
hinang kawhaan 20th-day
hinang kaꞌpatan 40th-day
hinang hanggatus 100th-day
kamattiyan 1 1000th-day
kamattiyan 2 first and subsequent anniversaries

2vrdp. ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To practice sorcery, black magic; cast a spell on or charm (someone).Hīnang-hinang mu siya hangkan siya miyayaꞌ kaymu.You cast a spell on her that’s why she fell for you.Hinang-hinangun ta in banta mu bat kangugun.We will charm your enemy so he will become crazy.npanghinang-hinangSorcery, black magic.Bang kaw kiyugdan panghinang-hinang diꞌ kaulian in sakit mu sin duktul.If your illness is caused by black magic it can’t be cured by medical doctors.nmanghihinang-hinangA sorcerer.Manghihinang-hinang in apuꞌ sin bataꞌ yan.The grandfather of that child is a sorcerer.Cf.anting-anting 1pantak

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