agaw1vRC ag mag-, -um-; ran pag-…-an.To dispute (over something for its possession, as land, children, power, etc.).Nagꞌagaw sila lupaꞌ.They disputed with each other over land.Piyagꞌagawan nila in basakan asibiꞌ pagpatay sin amaꞌ nila.They disputed over the small farm after the death of their father.2vAQ pat -un; goal/ben -an.To snatch, seize, wrest away, grab.Iyagaw sin sugarul in pitakaꞌ niya.The thief snatched her purse.Subay kaw magꞌayad bang kaw ha panawan bat kaw diꞌ kaagawan pitaka.You must be careful when you’re out lest you have your purse snatched.GENR.kawaꞌ1

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