bansag2vact mag-; inst hipag-.To feel proud of (something); have or show a proper pride in (oneself, one’s position, etc.).Hikapagbansag namuꞌ in lingkat sin hulaꞌ namuꞌ.We are proud of the beauty of our country.Bukun ku da pagbansag ha baran ku, saꞌ maingat pa aku dayn kaniya.I’m not being proud, but I’m more knowledgeable than he is.OV SYN.abbu 1nkabansaganPrestige, distinction, reputation.Subay bawgbugan in kabansagan sin kamaasan natuꞌ yadtu.We should live up to the prestige of our forefathers.OV SYN.kabantuganbantug 1

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