untuknA (heaped-up) excess (of commodities being measured, as rice or salt).Bihaini in untuk sin pagtupung niya sin bugas.The excess when he measured the rice was like this.adjmauntukFilled to excess, heaping.Malugiꞌ kaw bang mauntuk in pagtupung mu sin asin.You will take a loss if you give heaping measures of salt.vpat -um-.(For something) to pile up in a heap (i.e, beyond the top of a container), heap up.Imuntuk na in basura, walaꞌ na mayan kiyakawaꞌ.The garbage has heaped up, it hasn’t yet been collected.Subay mu diꞌ pauntukun bang kaw magdihil kaniya kaunun.Don’t heap up (the container) when you give him rice.OV SYN.būd 2Cf.lasay 1

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