sūng1.1vag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To go, head or move (toward a place), come near.Sūng mu yan pakain?Where are you headed/off to?Sūng kaw madtu bat siya makalingkud.Move over so she can sit.Sūng kaw mari kākuꞌ.Come closer to me.Pasūnga in bangkuꞌ yan pa unahan.Move that chair up front.Diꞌ mabayaꞌ in sundalu sūngan minsan hisiyu.The soldier doesn’t want anybody to come near.Cf.harap 1tudju 1sibugsūng-sibugcomp.vTo move to and fro.1.2nsusūngunFuture.Ha susūngun maabut kawhaan pilak in hangka-kilu bugas.In the future a kilo of rice will reach twenty pesos.nkasūnganProspects, future, potential condition (of something), progress to be made; outcome.In tau lisuan way kasūngan niya.A lazy person makes no progress (in life).advAt the point of, on the verge of, nearly, about to.Sūng ta kaw tawagun.I was about to call you.Sūng na siya timbakun sin pulis.The policeman was at the point of shooting him.Cf.apitambayaꞌagun2vact -um-.To increase in amount, degree or intensity.Simūng in sakit niya.Her sickness is becoming serious.Sumūng in halgaꞌ sin bugas.The price of rice will increase.Simūng na in lasa niya ha bataꞌ.Her love for the child has deepened.Sumūng in lingkat mu bang marayaw in panamung-tamung mu.Your beauty will increase (i.e., be enhanced) if you’re dressed well.Simūng in pagbisnis niya.His business is expanding.Magsusūng in kalingugan sin hulaꞌ ta.The trouble in our country is increasing.Cf.taudduhunlagguꞌ 1

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