baliꞌ1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To break (as of branches of trees, boards, pencil lead, or one’s hand, limbs, neck).Baliun ku in manga sanga ini.I will break these branches.vipat ma-.To break (accidently).Kamayaꞌ kaw bat diꞌ mabaliꞌ in lima mu.Be careful so your hand doesn’t break (i.e., you don’t break your hand).OV SYN.bagbag 1bugtuꞌ 1bagtiꞌ*sagpiꞌ2vpat ma-.(For someone’s feelings) to be hurt.Nabaliꞌ in atay ku sin bissara mu.My feelings were hurt by what you said.

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