*ambat1vaux -un, -an, pa-…-an.If used with no other verb, another verb is always implied in the context.(To do something) completely, thoroughly; (do something) reciprocally; each one; every time.Ambatun ta pilaun in manga kahuy ini.We’ll cut down completely the trees in this area.Iyambat nila siyunug in kabāyan ha Tiyanggi.They burned completely all the houses in Jolo town.OV SYN.ubus2vaux -un, -an, pa-…-an.Used only with negative diꞌ.To be too much (to do), too many (to buy, to guard, to clean, or any verb. Connotes annoyance).Diꞌ na maambat in taud sin hinang ku ha bāy.I’ve got a lot of work at home and it’s too much.Diꞌ maambat hinduan in bataꞌ ini.I’ve advised this child many times, (but he won’t pay attention to me).

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