sabitgimb.saꞌbit1nA hook (anything used to snag something else).Ayad kaw, mahayt tuud in sabit yan.Be careful, that hook is very sharp.In sabit piyahinang ku bukun mahayt.The hook that I ordered to be made wasn’t sharp.viact -um-.(For something) to hook, catch, or snag (on something).Ayaw kaw lumamugay ha katauran tau supaya diꞌ makasabit in sanggut mu.Don’t go out into a crowd of people so that your sickle won’t catch (on someone).vtag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To use a hook (esp. for fishing).Manabit aku istaꞌ ha jambatan.I’ll hook fish at the wharf.Marayaw sabitan in manga istaꞌ nagbabaan-baan.It’s nice to hook fish when they are in schools.nsasabitA hook for snagging fish.Būsi aku sasabit, manabit aku istaꞌ ha jambatan.Let me borrow a hook for snagging fish, I’m going to the wharf to make a catch.Cf.bingit2vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To cross (an object over a like object, e.g., one leg over the other, the ends of rope or thread, pieces of rattan, or grass used in weaving).In paglingkud sin tau yan siyasabit in siki ha taas bangkuꞌ.That fellow is sitting with his legs crossed on the bench.Piyapagsabit mu isab in duhul sin manga lubid hangkan nagumun.You let the ends of the ropes cross, that’s why they got tangled.Bang magꞌanyam baluy subay parayawun in pagsabit sin pangdan supaya diꞌ matastas.In weaving a mat the crossing of the blades of grass must be done well so it doesn’t unravel.OV SYN.anyam 1nsabitanA cloth belt.

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