bulat1adj(Of the human eyes) open.Bulat pa in mata niya.Her eyes are still open.vag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To open (the eyes).Bulata in mata mu!Open your eyes!OV SYN.ukab 12vUsed with prefix pag.(For the morning) to dawn, (for the sun) to rise.Pagbulat sin mata suga limayag na kami.We sailed at sunrise.Pagbulat mahinaat wayruun na sila duun.When morning dawned they were no longer there.3vag maka-.To open (someone’s heart or understanding).Siya in nakabulat sin atay ku pa karayawan.He was the one who opened my heart to goodness.nkiyabulatanRealization.In kiyabulatan sin mata ku sila in inaꞌ-amaꞌ ku.When realization came to me I regarded them as my parents.

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