Appendix 8: Diseases

Sakit Sin Pais (External Diseases)
ampugud facial eruptions; acne
āp-ꞌāp a fungus-type skin disease characterized by white blotches on the skin
bulitmanuk a skin rash caused by an allergy to chicken meat
bulutungu pox scars
buruk a disease of the scalp (common in small children, characterized by small sores)
butig a swelling on the skin
buug tic; tremor; Parkinson’s disease
habas a sore in an inaccessible place on the body (as between the toes, behind the ears, or between the legs); athlete’s foot; fungus
ipit yaws between the buttocks
kākas ringworm
kawtkut mange
kayskis general term for skin disease, characterized by rough spots on and itchiness of the skin
kulap icthyosis (a disease in which the outer skin continually flakes off in large scales or plates)
lāb a disease that appears in reddish form in some parts of the body
lastung paronychia (an inflammation of the folds of skin bordering a fingernail or toenail, usu. characterized by infection and pus formation)
pais maras white scales on the skin
pangut acne vulgaris
suplit yaws on the soles of the feet or between the toes
tuntubig pyodermatitis (characterized by itchy watery granules on the skin)
ugud impetigo; other open sores (characterized by small pus-filled blisters on the skin)
ugud lugay dermatitis; scabies
upāng yaws
Sakit Ha Lawm (Internal Diseases)
bagu intestinal flatus (gas)
biyaning (mabiyanang) hepatitis; jaundice
bulut orchitis (inflammation of the testicles)
gadja-gadja mumps
hubhub mild chills
kawit diabetes gangrene
kawkatik polyuria (excessive secretion and discharge of urine)
lawm-tiyan a disorder of the abdomen (not just the ordinary stomachache)
paladduwaꞌ a stomach disease resulting in vomiting and defecation
panibbi swollen gland
suka-intawꞌ dysentery (characterized by vomiting, abdominal pain, loose stools, and fever); cholera or other acute dysentery-type diseases
tandug severe chills; malaria
tiꞌlis tuberculosis
tibi₁ tuberculosis
ugam simple stomatitis (characterized by formation of tiny ulcers on the mucosa of the mouth)
ulapay the common cold
Sakit (Sin Duguꞌ) Ha Pangkat (Hereditary Diseases)
bahuy-babuy epilepsy
dunghaw another term for kabus
ipul leprosy
hapus napas shortness of breath; asthma
kabus mental retardation
kāngug insanity
kattuk slight insanity
kugita pupud cancer
Sakit Kariasali (Congenital Diseases)
buta hulat blindness with the eyes open
hungat a speech impediment in which the voice sounds like someone speaking while panting or out of breath
kalluꞌ stuttering
kila hydrocephalus (characterized by the enlargement of a baby’s head)
sumbing cleft lip and/or palate
umaw the condition of being unable to speak; deafmute
Sakit Bataꞌ-bataꞌ (Childhood Diseases)
bakag₁ colic (implies gas pain)
dangaw-rangaw colic
ikat scrofula of T.B. (a draining tuberculous, lymph node below the ear that drains outside the body)
intawꞌ-intawꞌ diarrhea
kuil₁ emaciation; severe malnutrition
lattik-lattik a disease of babies in which the stomach swells and the baby continually cries
pangkut smallpox
sampal measles
ubu-iruꞌ whooping cough
utus chicken pox
Sakit Tau Maas (Adult’s or Old People’s Diseases)
buggul kyphosis (the condition of being humpbacked)
bugun goiter
haluꞌ any sexually transmitted disease
kuil₂ stroke
luput jubul hemorrhoids
patay baran (namatay baran) paralysis
taas duguꞌ (mataas duguꞌ) high blood pressure
ū-atay gastritis
ungluk a chronic constrictive lung disease
Sakit Sin Mata (Eye Diseases)
bilas conjunctivitis; inflammation of the eyes; pinkeye
bulag a disease in which the lens becomes opaque, causing partial or total blindness; cataract
liblib acute conjunctivitis and dacryocystitis; acute inflammation of the eyes
sirat trachoma