adj. adjective
adv. adverb
Af accessory focus
ag agent
ANT. antonym
AQ Acquisition Verb
AR Field of Action Verb
Ar. Arabic
aux auxiliary verb
b begun aspect
ben beneficiary
C consonant
cap. capitalized
Cf. compare with
CH 1 Standard Change of Verb compound
CH 2 Result Change of State Verb compound
CV 1 Standard Conveyance Verb
CV 2 Carrying Conveyance Verb
CV 3 Speech Conveyance Verb
der. derivative
e.g. for example
Eng. English
equiv. equivalent
esp. especially
euph. euphemism
exp experiencer
fig. figurative
GENR. generic
gimb. gimbahanun (speech of people from the interior)
i.e. that is
inst instrument
intj. interjection
lit. literally
Lu. Luuk
Mal. Malay
mkr marker
n. noun
nb not-begun aspect
Obf object focus
obj object
Of originator focus
opp. opposite
orig originator
over-syn overlapping synonym
pat patient
pers personal
pl. plural
poss. possessive
pron. pronoun
q.v. which see
ran range
RC Reciprocal Verb
rdp. reduplicated/reduplication
ref referent
Rf referent focus
rel. relator
sg. singular
SPEC. specific
spp. species
ST Stative Verb
SYN. synonym
Tag. Tagalog
topic (in examples below the word in) topic marker
TV Travel Verb
usu. usually
v. verb
var. variation
vi. intransitive (non-agentive) verb
vt. transitive (agentive) verb

Note: In the English definitions all references to he, him, his etc. should also be taken to refer to she, her, hers etc.