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sfxThat-one-there (the final vowel repeated makes the demonstrative more specific).Tedu se yem yóó?What is that-one-there?cf-i 2
ódôvTo stutter; to speak haltingly.Béem snakay sdô kô ódói.Don't ride on a pig; you might stutter.h-, k-, n-.Béem nódô kestulónem.Don't converse haltingly.
ódódvarmódódvTo have an intense desire, determination to do something, to want something very much; to be in a hurry to get started, to be excited about something that one is going to do, as a horse struggling in place, waiting for the fight.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.synónóm 1ónóm nawaidiom ofónóm 1
ófôvTo envy.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ógófnA pet or animal that one takes care of; a toy.vTo have as a pet.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
ógówvarhógówmógównógówtógównPurpose in coming or going.Tulónem de kun yem ógówem ni.Tell us what is your purpose in coming.Ngangen ne tódô tahu bensuten ebéléen yem hol ógówen.Finally, he just expressed to him his real purpose in coming.Yem igò le sfamak kogol kken yó, mudél yem tau fun gunù, monen, "Sólók sidek kbak, Wè, bo tedu de yem ógówem kut ni?"While they are each chewing betel nut after eating, the host will speak, saying, "It's bad to question, Friend, what is your purpose in coming to us here?"vTo go, travel.Alì mlò ógówen libun tu.That woman always goes (hardly stays home).g-, h-, k-, m-.Tahu se nmò Hnu, ket sotu kdolen mógów mool.And Turtle did so, moving slowly as he went downstream.n-.Nógówem?Why are you going?s-, sems-, sens-.synbyahi 1tekwal 1cfhusuk 1mógów heklolGoing and at the same time looking at one's clothes.
óhólnHandle of a ladle.vTo stir cooked rice with the handle of the ladle (to fluff it up) before putting it on a plate.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
óhóngvargóhónghóhóngnóhóngsóhóngtgóhóngvTo file teeth, to take the sharp edge off; to rub two pieces of iron or wood together to dull them; to make something blunt.Óhóngem kut be bak éhék yem dulé anì là gedlug telemen.Please make the fish hook blunt on the sharpening stone, so it won't be too pointed.g-.Tey telem yem kbahù mà ne e góhóng bè tdoku, tódô tonu tey halì.Father's small knife is very sharp; when I accidentally rubbed it on my finger, immediately I saw a big wound.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synéhék1 1limbas 1cfigad 1
ólóvTo talk about, mention a plan; to make tentative plans to do something.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ólólvargólólsólóln(Of something) a share or portion.Nù se kun ólól ngà yó?Where is his share, that child there?vTo divide into portions, shares.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tólóng kehyu le se yó kem utón anì ditu he gunu le mólól du ke deng bang le mken.They put the meat in a different place so that when it is time to eat there later they will divide it.n-.Sgoyu tnétê le, ne nólól le balù ket ne udì bè yó kem dumu.They roast one cob and divide it even if there's only a little bit for each one.s-, sems-, sens-.synbad 1umun 1
ólómvTo mention those who are absent, as a child thinks about his mother who is away visiting, wondering what she is doing; to keep track of or to complain about what and how much has been given or done for others.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ólósvarmólósadjClean, spotless, on the physical aspect; neat and clean in what one does; clear, as the dew clears.g-, h-.Tey hólós ngà libun.The little girl is neat and clean (in what she does).Timbow deng yem kehken le kul ne deng gotu mólós ne hmilol kul, omin le yó bud mkay kul blogo yó kem tau lawa yó, bud hamak le lu.When they have eaten and it's all clean around them, then they again serve the visitors betel nut chews.Tey mólós ngà libun.The little girl is clean (neat and clean on the physical aspect).k-, m-.Lemwót kuy he ke deng mólós gu te tonok.We'll leave yet when the ground is clear (when the dew is gone).n-.cfhgulam 1mólós nawaidiomTo have a good feeling, clear conscience, nothing could be done that would make one feel any better.
ónó nawanConcern, regard for.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mónó nawa le kóm tu du kul nmò tu.What they did was because of their concern for you.n-, s-, sems-, sens-.cftafa nawa 1
ónómvTo weave a basket, plait a mat.g-.Deng mom gónóm le yem dou igam yó gunun kendel deng.They mistakenly wove my mat that's why it's done so soon.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-, sems-, sens-.synódód 1omong 1ónóm nawaidiomIntense desire to do something but being suppressed (by circumstances, long waiting, distance).Wen se tô ónóm nawahu stulón du.I have the intense desire to talk to him.synódód 1
óntóngvarmóntóngnClearness.adjClear, distinct, as in color or design.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
óngóvarnóngóungun(Of the body or reputation) defect, blemish.Béem nmò óngó maem.Don't make a blemish on your father (cause for people to look down on him).syniget 1adjUnbecoming; unfitting; improper.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.Sóngó le hulô yem bulow.Red and brown are unbecoming to each other.synhyos 2
óngônA kind of fresh water fish that is small and somewhat round, resembling the mudfish but is about the size of one's index finger.Appendix 25-01 Kinds of fish
óngósvarnóngós1nOver exaggerated excitement, as of children when approaching something they had been held back from for a long time.Mom tô sut óngós le ne le e gewà bè gun datal.Their excitement burst forth when they reached the area where it is (wide) flat (valley).2vTo cut hair with a knife, thus uneven; to cut a woman's long hair off.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Bê ye nóngós yó blugalen, kô là buden mékét.Don't cut his mane with a knife; he might not fight again.s-, sems-, sens-.Formerly, this was done if she committed adultery or if she had lots of head lice.Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
óólvarmóólnIntense sexual desire.h-, k-, m-, n-.synhdóyón 1
ótóvarnótóvTo cut, as grass around a field or along a path, so that the rats and pigs will smell the fresh cut grass and will not bother the plants.Ni mò ótóhem lan.Use this to cut the grass on the path.g-.Deng mom gótó le yem silà yó kem ngà mò iluy.Those children who made mousetraps, mistakenly cut the corn plants.h-, k-, m-, n-.Ke deng móyón hto buteng yem mò ken, yó nmò yó kem tau mò ken, nótó le yem lan anì là héfê yó kem tau mulu.When it's almost time for the feast, those making the feast cut the grass along the path so that those coming won't get wet.s-, sems-, sens-.cfalab 1fas 1gahit 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
ótóbvarhótóbmótóbv(Of animals) to graze.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey lamang lan safì mótób bè silà.The cow grazed in a wide area of the corn.n-, s-, sems-, sens-.
ótóngadjImportant; big.Béi hengón mofok lasak ke laen hol ótóng muhem du.Don't start cutting down bamboo if you don't have an important purpose for it.
ówókvartegówóknWaist.Yó gel kmò le du yem butnék, hteg le yem koyu fat le, ne olon són lem ówók.What they do to make this seed table is, they stake four sticks that come up to the waist.Mnok ówókOne standing with hands on hips.temgówókOf a lady with a very small waistline.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
ówólvarmówól1nTie.Mtohi kut blókón mò ówól yó sdô.Cut for us a vine to use as a tie for that pig.vTo tie to a post, as a horse that is acting up; to tie a clay pot by its neck in order to hang it up; to set a date by tying knots in a cord.Ówól le buteng, kihu kul kehtahà du, mukas sfolò duhen lewu folò fat ke limu.They tie knots to set the date, no matter how long they want it, more than ten or twenty-four or twenty-five (days).g-, h-, k-, m-.Deng klubek le yem halay, omin le mówól buteng.When they have pounded the rice, then they tie-knots to set the date.n-, s-, sems-, sens-.synfét 2mówól butengidiomWhen a wedding feast is planned, knots are tied in long strands of abaca and given to each party and each day a knot is loosened so that they will know the day of the feast.2vTo hang; to tie around the neck.varhówólmówól lihol1mówól lihol3To hang by the neck, to commit suicide.

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