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kahabadjSlender, slim.h-, -m-, -n-.synlehen 1lóhów 1tahà 1
kahélnCitrus aurantium.Valencia orange tree and its fruit.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
kahìvarmahìnSalt.Mò gel kmò me lenufi, gna senla, omin mdek du ne hensù udì kahì sok tnógó.When we make thin corn soup, first (the corn) is fry-roasted, then pounded and when it is cooked, a little salt is added.vTo use salt.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
kahunTagalog kahon1nBox.vTo use a box.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.2nA box-like plot of irrigated rice.
kailnThe act of limping, a halt in one's walk.vTo walk lamely, with a limp.Hlós kail yem kudà tehe btang yó.The horse that fell continues to limp.h-, ke-, -n-.
kaisvTo scrape or scratch, using a sharp object, weeding tool; to test the sharpness.Tilów kaisem bè tuu kun (klo) ta lósól hnénég ke deng telem.Try to scratch there in the yard to see if (the weeding knife) is sharp.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Skéw knaisem do kun lem kuluhu.Quickly scratch my head for me (look for my lice).s-.
kakafvarklakafvTo steal; to search with hands and feet, as in the dark.Yem tau lò kakafen tey sidek tmebel du ta.It's bad to leave up in the house that person who always, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Là bangen du kô knakaf lem sóól buteng.It's unexpected tosearch one's way (travel) in the middle of the
kakakvarkmakakn(Of hen) cackle.Appendix 19 Soundsv(Of hen) to cackle.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kakawTagalog kakawnTheobroma cacao.Cocoa plant and its fruit.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
kakivarklakivTo put the finishing touches on weeding around individual plants after the main weeding is done; to remove tiny weeds that are about to grow.g-, h-, ke-, -m-.Hol hentilobem kmaki du do yem lem but halay hilol lósól.Do well your finishing the weeding for me at the base of the rice plants around the yard.-n-.
kakimvarlekakimskakimnJaw, chin.cflekakim 1kakimAppendix 12 Body parts of a person
kalvarmkalnThe splash of water or flash of lightning.vTo splash up, as a stone thrown into water; to splatter or fly all over, as when a stone is thrown and hits a bottle; to flash, as lightning.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey sidek klikou sok mkal silà.I'm badly afraid when lightning flashes.n-.
kalànAn antique bracelet made of metal, brass.
kalébvTo eat by gnawing or nibbling, as corn on the cob, sweet potato, etc.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.synkléb 11sék 4teb 1
kalo1nRattan dish rack.Suem bè kalohen yem tukung.Put the bowl into its rattan rack.vTo make a rattan dish rack.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Knalohem kut huyów.Please make a rattan dish rack for the dishes.cfbalit 12nMuzzle, made of rattan, usually used to keep an animal from eating the corn while cultivating. Used on dogs to keep them from biting.vTo use a muzzle.-m-, -n-.
kaludvTo strip abaca.g-.Là deng gekalud mà du kdungonen, tey wen nmoen.Father has not been able to strip his abaca, he has lots to do.h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kalusvTo scratch, as an itch.Suloy buteng kalus le kem ngà lenafu ni.These children with scabies are scratching all night long.g-, gem-.Hek kun, ne e kento megkay gunù, ne hbélét Mal kun hetò, olohen gemkalus sufà bengel.All of a sudden the house lifted and Tarsier scrambled to jump; he was only able to scratch (touch) the edge of the frame.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfkemes 1
kamanPillow.Tólóng tau fen bud malak bè sigel yem logi eklohok tum libun myón te kama.(Of weddings) a different person will lead the bridegroom by his arm to the side of the woman sitting on the pillow.vTo use a pillow.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kamang1nChalcosoma atlas.Atlas beetle.cfkayit 1Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs2nA measurement using the five fingers of one hand (crab-like).s-.varskamangAppendix 16-01 Measuring devices3vTo react in fright with the hands open and thrown back, as when a child is awakened by a loud noise; to reach hands out helplessly until someone grabs them to help.g-.Botong gkamang yem ngà tolo tungô lan le alì hebnes.The child who was still sleeping was frightened (with hands open trying to take hold of something) because of the loud noise.h-, ke-, -m-.Olò ye dmalang himón, ngem ke bangen wen glumfak ye, laen dumu bud angat gunu ye e kmamang kà ebè tuha ye du.Learn to obey; you'll see when it's time for you to encounter calamity (get into trouble), there'll be no one else you will reach:r (your hands to) if not your parents. -n-, s-.
kamang lefònOryctes rhinocerus.Coconut beetle.Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs
kamatn(Of mint leaves) residue; remnant, leavings.Deng gotu yem ikóu balù kamaten ke wen duen.My mint leaves are all gone; not even a residue is left.cfikô 1
kamàvTo regret the destruction, waste.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-. Kamaen! What a shame! What a waste! Too bad!
kambalvTo cling to someone, as a child wanting to be carried; to hold onto something so as to climb over it, as a log, fence.g-, h-, ke-.Koduhen Ngà Tù són ktonu du yem tehe kekambalen hulé bótóng.Pity Ngà Tù, I last saw him trying to climb over a log.-m-.Béi tagad kmambal ebéléu he dé ngà tolo tey nmou nii.Child, don't cling to me yet, I still have lots of work here.-n-.Nénégem dé yem ngà ungé tô knambalen hulé sigelu.Look at that little mouse trying to climb over my arm.s-.synkaf 1
kambilvTo be hanging and torn, as skin from a wound.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tey sidek kékét sdô du deng tódô kmambil kulit.The pig bit him very badly; his skin was just hanging.-n-.
kambongnA kind of curse.Kambong gel hkó kulón ne hemsidek wek libun.This kind of curse always removes the rain and harms (makes it fall out) a woman's hair.vTo invoke this curse.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Ke wen logi miwol du, ne là móyô kem tuhahen, yó nmò yem sawang logi, knambongen yem libun.If there is a man desiring her, and her parents don't like him, what the young man will do is put a curse on (so her hair will fall out) the woman.synkutom 1