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kyawvTo be burned by something you are using, as an iron.Wen mlufu kyawe bè solok.I have a burn, I was burned by the, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-, sem-, sen-, kese-.
kyawónvartengyawónv(Of children) to scream in one's sleep; to have a, he-, ke-, -en-.
kyòvarkyò kutexprI'm afraid it might happen.synilang 1yéy 1
kyokomadv(Of baskets) to have a small opening, the basket itself is, he-.Tek hekyokomen sumóngen sok mudél, temduk bébélen.When he talked he only opened his mouth a little, the corners of his mouth, -em-.Sónmoen kemyokom sok kmuli, nalihen kangahen.He always made (his mouth) small when he laughed; he was keeping back (hiding) his empty spaces (missing teeth).-en-, se-, sem-, sen-, kese-.
kyolnMonitor lizard, large, colored black and yellow.Ke ton tekuy kyol tey bong stólóng bè ibid.If we could see the monitor lizard, he's very different from the brown lizard.Appendix 20 Reptiles
kyomvTo bring something or both edges of something, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Kenyomem yem semun anì nmoem sembwanen mò solok kuy.Bring the edges together on that tin can so that you can put a wick in it for our, sem-, sen-.Senkyomem kyónem.Put your knees together when sitting down.adjSunken, as the appearance of a person's lips after losing his teeth.synkmê 1cfgyob 1
kyongkéngvarkyengkengkyungkunName of a ghost believed to visit a dead body before burial.
kyóngónadjWhite hot, (of coals, a first-class fire).ge-, he-.Nam hekyóngón ofihen he yó tnohoem ominem ménég du ke deng deng.First make white hot coals for your melting, then look at it when it's done.-em-.cfbala 2
kyubugnCassia alata.Ringworm bush or shrub.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
kyufuynA worm in the ground that just goes around in circles, throwing dirt up.hiloy lowiSpinning in place, as a whirlwind.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures