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kamfinvTo be one, united in purpose; to be supportive, as in a, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfsegduf 1duf 2sesotu 1sotu 2
kamfungnAnhinga rufa melanogaster.Oriental darter.Appendix 10 Birds
kang1nBubo zeylonensis.Brown fish owl.Appendix 10 Birds2nTyto longimembris.Asian grass owl.Appendix 10 Birds3nAsio flammeus flammeus.Short-eared owl.cfkol 1méw 1Appendix 10 Birds
kanganMissing tooth, in the mouth, on a comb or a saw; empty space between kernels on a corncob; chipped-off portion on a bolo.vTo lose one's tooth.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synbébék 1cfkbéng 1
kanguynStem of fruit, leaves and tubers.Ke deng mékéng kanguy yem lenogom le, omin le mogut du ebè fol ne snigang le.When the stems of the harvested rice are dry, then they gather them into the granary and stack them.vTo have stems.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
kangùnTanygnathus lucionensis.Blue-napped parrot.Appendix 10 Birds
kasunCommon law case, usually settled by the local authorities.vTo be accused of something resulting in a court case.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kasuknWeevil, any of numerous very small beetles, which eat out the interior of grain, nuts, wood.Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs
kasuyTagalog kasoynAnacardium occidentale.Cashew tree, which is cultivated for its fruit, the cashew nut. The flowers are crowded at the tips of the branches, small yellow petals with pink stripes. The ash-colored nut is kidney bean shaped at the end of each fruit which is fleshy, juicy, yellow and pear shaped.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
katadvExtremely; so.kat heflò le du, kendel nahun le, omin le yó mdek du hanà kinì.They don't extremely overcook it; they immediately lift it off the fire, then they pound it while it's still hot.Mò ye kat hefulów ni du?Why are you so noisy here?Kat hbongen sme yem gel nbóen yó gun wen hto bè ulaten.The reason some of his veins broke was because what he usually carried was extremely large.cf1
katakfromatakRoot reftatak 1
kataynLiver.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
katinOrdinal number 10,000.s-.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurement
kaubnExtension on the top of a rice storage bin, made of wood bark.vTo make an extension on the top of a rice storage bin in order to add more rice.g-, h-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kawadvTo reach out, as a, he-, ke-, -m-.Béen lusà du gunum e kmawad dé.Don't be reaching out into many things.
kawang-n-.adjHanging.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.syntléwéng 1
kawatnFine brass wire, used on wooden combs and handles of fancy swords.vTo put fine brass wire on something.
kawêvarkéwêlekawêv(Of children playing) to grab onto one another or to a tree branch and swing.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.
kawitvarskawit1vTo cling to something, as bats in a cave hanging onto one another as links in a chain; to make a chain; to link, he-.Tódô hkawit ngà sdô nen e kól bélê le yê le.The piglets just all cling (to suck milk) when their mother gets to, -m-.Yake béen tendo kmawit ebéléu ngà nii tey dê nmou.It is good if this child doesn't continually cling to me; I have much work to do.-n-, s-.syngesdang 1sdanggeskét 1skét
kay1nKind; class of something.Tey dê kay keslagi nmò le.They play many kinds of things on the gongs.2varhegkaysegkayskayvTo lift something up; to serve, as food; to raise, as price or cost.Kayem kut ken.Serve (after it is dished up) the food for us.g-.Hnifót o, là dog gkay te kóm él bà mon keslou denge mom kmifót.Forgive me, I didn't serve you water because I was in such a hurry I forgot.Lemwót yem kimu hasà le ta bigu ken yó, nwa yem tau mkay bigu, ne bnalaen he ke deng bang le bud mulu.The items which are placed by the wedding party on top of the winnowing baskets of food served by the hosts, are taken by the hosts and they will respond (bring items) when it is time for them to be hosted.h-, k-, m-.Tmóbóngi mkay kahun eta ówóng.You help me lift (these) boxes onto the boat.n-.Deng nkayem él tuónem kô?Have you served (lifted) water to your parent-in-law?s-.Deng le skay bigu ne kô?Have they served each other food yet?adjLifted, raised.meg-."Là," mon Mal, "dini ne, le kegenen he hetò kesok megkay sem gunù.""No," Tarsier said, "I'll stay here, it doesn't take long to jump when the house is being lifted."
kayangvTo carry something in your hands, as a pail.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfligen 1nkem 1kem 2nogot 1ogot 2Appendix 07 Ways of carryingadvCarried up.meg-.Yó kun mal hténggé tembol igò deng megkayang eta gunù.Tarsier was still there undisturbedly beating (the drum) while the house was being carried up.s-, sem-, sen-.Two people carrying something.synkulóng 2Bà kayangem bè ilungen.idiomVery thin, only skin and bones (lit. even if you lift him up by his nose).