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kayit1nEuethoela humilis.Sugarcane beetle.cfkamang 1Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs2nLucanidae family.Stag beetle or pinching bug.Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs3v(Of children) to be crying and noisy at play.g-, h-, ke-, -m-.Béi tlek kmayit/hekayit bè yó.Don't be crying noisily there. (Usually said by women to their children.)-n-, s-.syn1 1hekleyek 1fromkleyekodoy 1
kayóynTramp, hobo.synówów 1
Kayung1pnThe eternal place a murdered person is believed to go.Kesok bnonok desen yem tau, bè Kayung gun emulék.If the person was murdered, the eternal place of the murdered is where he returns.Kayung te ni.We'll (you and I) be in the eternal place of the murdered today (said by someone fighting if they are both very angry).cfmugul 22nRed, maroon color; place where everything seen is red which resembles blood.silà kayungA type of corn, maroon in color.soging kayungA type of banana, maroon in color.
varkaemexprContraction of ke 'if' and 'not'. Surely.Bè kdéen tau, ngunte Tboli yem alì hulung hmódó.Of all people, surely it's the Tboli who really know how to welcome/show hospitality."A," mon Blawang, "hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke soki bitil sawang là mebeli ken, ngem lemnusi.""Oh," Mosquito said, "think about it for yourself, Chief; when you are hungry you look for food, behold (if you don't) you'll surely starve."Yó holi mkaf bè yó ngem kà btangi!Keep on climbing there, surely you'll fall!Ngem kà...You surely will...
kbafrombavarsekbaexclBoo! An exclamation used to startle or scare someone.vTo startle someone by saying Boo!ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Yó kem ngà sok le gel là mdengen gel wen sotu bélê le hembnos, sok mlan klohoken yem sotu gel kenbahen (monen 'Ba!').When children are playing one of them will hide; when someone passes near him he scares him (says 'Boo!').se-.
kbahùnSmall all-purpose knife used by men for splitting rattan, bamboo, wood working.cfbangkung 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo use this, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
kbanvarsekbanadjPerverse; contrary, opposite.Kban tau ni, safì yem hangayu kóm sudu kudà du.Perverse person, it was the cow I asked you to fetch not the horse.cfsudusundutólóng 1
kbanginPapilionidae family.Swallowtail butterflies, generic.
kbengvTo press on with thumbnail; press down hard with hand and fingernail to get someone's attention.Tey des yem kbeng yê do lanu mlò kdolu.Mother's pressing me really hurt when I wiggled, he-, ke-, -em-.Élél gunu le hemsalà kóm bew tek lanem kembeng libun bè sigelen.It's unreasonable (lit. lacking) their fining you a carabao for only pressing on the woman's arm.-en-, se-.
kbeyenfrombeyennContentedness, not tiring of something.vTo be contented, satisfied.-em-, -en-.Tey ngà kenbeyen.She's a very satisfying (happy, pleasing, easy to have around) child.
kbêfrom2vTo refuse; to reject, usually motivated by, -em-, -en-.Béem kenbê yem blayu kóm, mò ofolem.Don't refuse what I'm giving you, that's your spouses who refuse to reconcile or children who don't want to play with each other.sem-, sen-.syndway 2
kbéngvarhekbéngnA chip of anything.vTo chip, he-, ke-, -m-.Yó bulungen du, kembéng utì bè yem kmasing kudà, ne ma bè layal hyongi, ne ke wen kem dumu yem alì gel metlasik kógów le mò hebuk le bè tum klo, ne henmuen sok nbuten mtung klohen talak tniba.Her medicine for (weeding) is to chip off a tiny bit of the horse's hoof, get a swallow's feather and something of other fast moving things for them to rub on her weeding knife and on her wrist when she begins to push the weeding knife into the field.-en-, se-.It is believed that this ritual will speed up the weeding of the field.synbang 1bébék 1cfkanga 1
kbit kakimv(Of an older person) to appreciate, be interested in, comfort a younger person or female friend, to befriend; to touch someone under the chin to show love or to ask for, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfdafu 1duù 1
kbongfrombong 3nLargeness.adj/vBig; nen e dê ngaem là bud tô gekbong nawam ke yehenem.Now that you have many children you no longer are able to have a big breath (love) for your spouse.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.Tey le sekbong nawa.They really have big breath (love) for each other.
kbunCliff, steep river bank; ground, earth.Tey ngelem kbu Sfali ni kmoen ni.The steep bank of the Sfali river is very deep now.adjSteep, sloping, abrupt.Tey kembu yem lem gbeng sendini Ala.It's a very steep bank (going to) the landslide area this side of the Allah River.Tey kembu él ni.This river has a very steep bank (no way of getting down to the water).-em-.Ke moni, mon le udél lóyóf tau deng móyón matay, bud gmung nawan ete kembu.If (the omen bird's call) is close by, they say it's the word of a person's spirit who is about to die, whose breath really wants to stay on the earth.tau te kembu2idiomAn ordinary person without authority (lit. a person living on land).
kbulaynBeeswax, sticky and black used for the frets on a lute.vTo use, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cftolu 1
kbulengnCommotion, noise.vTo make noise or, he-, ke-, -em-.Gunun kat seblà tey muni kembuleng ni?Where is all that sound of noise coming from?-en-, se-.synhebnes 1hulów 1sbeteng 1beteng 2sbólós 1
kbuléngnCitrus microcarpa.Chinese orange, wild and very sour.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
kdamal1nCorticum.Painted stick mushroom.Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms2nDirt that has been on the body/clothes for a long time and hard to remove.v/adjTo be caked with dirt; moldy, as bread, unwashed bottle.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Mò le kat kendamal kem ngà ni, ayaw deng dê hilu kdaw le là mton él.Why are these children caked with dirt, it's evident they haven't seen water in many days.synkegóng 1klikab 1tngal 13nIridescent moss found on dead trees that shines in the dark.
kdang1nA type of work bolo.synbangkung 1Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements2vTo cock a shotgun.Udì duen gunuhu là matay deng kdang le etahu suk, són kebtuen duen.I was close to death when they cocked the gun on me; it had only to go, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
kdawvarsendawnDay; sun.Hékéng le bè kdaw duhen ta ofi.They will dry it (the corn) in the sun or hang it above the fire.Deng klós le du, són nangat le kékéngen ne kdawen ktem le du.After cutting off the branches, they wait only for it to dry and the day for burning it.vTo pay someone by the, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.advToday; on this day.-em-.Sok lumun haya duen yem kehek le, lumun kemdaw ni yem na le e kehdà but bnék ditu talak tniba.When they will plant rice the next day, today is the day they put up the rice table in the middle of the field.adjDaytime.Kemdaw yem ksut le, là móyô le mógów kifu.It was daytime when they arrived; they don't want to travel at night.cfhedaw 1seklewet 1was 1dmata kdaw2East.edmata kdawToward the east.Appendix 18 A 24 hour day
kdelvarkendeladvImmediately; at once; now.Béi kdel lemwótem he dé nam hangat ken nmou.Don't immediately leave yet, wait first for the food I'm, he-.Mò ye là hekdel mò ken du éhé mà ye deng kól dmadu?Why aren't you immediately making food? Look out, your father has arrived from plowing.Bede yem kkay le du ebélê le, là kô le kendel tódô mken.But when the food is served to them, they surely don't just eat immediately.-em-, -en-.Ke kendel kmutel muhen deng deng kken le, là holen hyu snéen.If the turtle dove calls immediately after they have finished eating, it's also not really tô gnefet le ditu de tum tey kganag kógów le.Don't expect them to arrive there immediately, they are going very slowly.syngéhél 1cfbetik 1flóng 1hlóng 1klel 2skéw 1slò 1slóng 2tlagad 1tlana 1tanatlasik 1
kdengadvLater; after awhile.Mon Kyol, "Uu gna metek do, ne ou tufì metek kóm kedeng."Monitor lizard said, "You color me first, and I'll color you later.""Tonu u kedeng kà hnatayu kóm," mon Iwas."When I find you later I'll surely kill you," Monkey said.
kdêadjAll of anything.Kdê kun fes lówó gotu gbót mken.All of his family joined to eat.syngotu 2cf1wadag 2