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kdéln(Of horses) friendly whinny of recognition.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo whinny,, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhwé 1
kdétnSound of creaking, as when pulling something tight out of a hole.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo creak when pulling something hard to, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
kdif1nSchizophyllum.A very tiny, edible mushroom found only on burned logs or stumps, usually while the rice is being weeded.Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms2vTo break off in tiny, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.ungel sekdifNonsense.
kdimolvarhekdimolvTo heal, as, he-.Nam hekdimol yó bokem ominem yó mò nmò.Let your incision heal first, then you go to, -em-.Ke là dengen tahu kemdimol yó haliem béi tagad hetdól.If your wound isn't truly healed, don't move around yet.-en-.synlekes 1
kdingn(Of women) a lock of long hair in front of the ear hanging down on each side of the face in traditional style.vTo wear hair in traditional style with lock of long hair on each, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
kdingannPhyllophaga sp.May beetle or June bug larva (white grubs that live in the ground for two or three years before emerging as bugs).Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
kdolvarkendol ne1nMovement, motion, action.Ne tahu se, nmò Hnu kun, ket sotu kun kdolen mógów mool.And true, Turtle did it; one by one motion he went downstream.Là snalig le kul tolo bnentey le kdol le.They don't trust them, they are watching their movement.vTo move,, he-, ke-.Yó gunu le temngón du bè mò kekdol yem blotik.They know it (when to plant) by the movement of the stars.-em-,, sem-, sen-.synbayà 1kihu 2knod 1kunen 1siwól 1cfsliwó 1dog kendol neidiomDo not bother to move/do something about it now.kendol ne2idiomNevermind (lit. do not touch it/leave it alone).
kdungonTagalog abakanMusa textilis.Abaca, popularly known as Manila hemp, a treelike herb resembling the banana plant.Appendix 17-07 Other plants
kdusaIlongo karosanA sled, usually made of bamboo with runners and pulled by a carabao or steer, used for hauling.vTo use a, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
kdutvTo pull out, as feathers, weeds; to fall out, as hair.Nbuten kdut wek yem libun, ngangen tek udì ne duen.The hair of that woman began to fall out, persisting until only a little was, he-, ke-, -em-.Omin Ko kemdut sotu bè ikongen, ne hlo Tukol.Then Hornbill pulled out one of his tail feathers and Tailor-bird swallowed it.-en-.Tahu se, sotu kendut Tukol bè ikongen, ne hlo Ko.True, Tailor-bird pulled (a feather) from his tail and Hornbill swallowedéwê 1kohil 1
ke1ptlUsed with personal nouns, it signals that the personal noun is not the participant in focus in the sentence."Bè ni ne, Sembilà, gunuhu mbot kóm," mon Iwas mò ke Hnu."Here now, Friend, is where I'm going to throw you," Monkey said to ptl. Turtle.Henyuhen mò ke yéen.He put it away for his ptl. mother.2conjIf, when.Là hyuhen ke kmutel muhen ke là dengen sitong lan le lemibut.It's not good if the turtle dove calls when/if the planting around the small seed/ritual table isn't already joined/completed.synsok 1
keb1nHard, rock-like kernels usually found in mung beans that do not get soft with cooking.varnkeb2adjLargest, biggest, choicest.Hol keben sdô bkó blatik mà dì.Uncle caught the biggest pig in his pig trap.3vTo bite, chew or smash with one's molar in order to revive someone who has collapsed.g-, h-, ke-, m-, n-.Tek nkeb le knuguhen ominen yó sut kiken.They bit his thumb, only then did he cry.s-.
kebàadj(Of fowl) black and white spotted, speckled.Tey tilob mton du yem onuk kebà blay yê do.The black and white spotted hen my mother gave me is pretty to see.cfbuling 1kebting 1
kebegnPtenochirus jagorii.Greater Philippine short-nosed or dog-faced fruit bat.cfkefnit 1telegbeng 1Appendix 28 Bats
kebelnSmoke, as a fire.vTo smoke, as a fire.g-, h-, k-.adjSmokey.-m-.Tey kmebel ofi ni.This fire is real smokey.-n-.
kebengvarsekebeng1varskebengnA hook, pin or fastener.cflingkal senkebeng 1vTo bring something close to you by means of a hook; to pin, as with safety pins; to link, fasten, unite, catch.Kebengem kut bè hlekel yem sfu huyù ngà.Please hook the end of the baby's hammock onto the crossbeam.Mahi kut blangaw mò kebengem tukô tum blétê mò lan te mkaf etahen.Please get the long poled snare to bring close the top of the strangler fig tree so we have a way to climb up it.Deng kebeng le lem tonok yem heblaten.They have hooked the anchor into the ground.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tolo lel le kmebeng lem baken yem ngà beklen.They are still hooking (with fingers) in the mouth of the choking child (trying to get out what he is choking on).-n-.Knebengem abat sual yem laen bud tembukuhen.Where there isn't a button, pin it with a safety pin.s-.2vTo claw; to scratch.Tedu nim tey kmebeng lem blututu ni?What is this clawing (pain) in my stomach?Tey halì bè liholu lan Uyél kmebeng do.I have a wound on my neck where Uyél scratched me.
kebesvarklebeslekebesvTo move quickly when you realize the time is, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.
kebibiBlaannA wide-bladed bolo, used only as a weapon.cfbadung 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
kebsànIxobrychus cinnamomeus.Cinnamon bittern.Appendix 10 Birds
kebtingadj(Of animals, birds) spotted, speckled, multi-colored.Tey legidù yem kudà kebting benlihu.The spotted horse I bought knows how to rack well.cfbuling 1kebà 1
kedaduTagalog kandadonPadlock.vTo use a, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.
kedangagnKakatoe haematuropygia.Philippine cockatoo.Appendix 10 Birds
kedegsannA variety of rice.Appendix 06-02 Rice with medium size kernels