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kedwalênHemiprocne comata major.Lesser tree swift.Appendix 10 Birds
kefnCentrosema pubescens.A climbing vine, a forage plant that is relished by livestock.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
kefdingvarsekdingnPorthetria dispar or Hemerocampa leucostigma.Gypsy moth larva, a black, caterpillar-like worm with tufts of white fur along each side, with red knobs on top of its back. It could also be the white-marked tussock moth larva which is recognized by its tufted white hairs and attractive contrasting colors of black and red knobs on its back.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
kefegadjCold and hard.Deng mom kefeg yem ken tô tduu kuy là dog géhél ken ye du.The food I put away for you is now cold and hard because you didn't come eat it.he-, ke-, -n-.
kefeng1nA tiny creeping vine found on rocks.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines2v(Of animals and things) to land on or stick to something in a sprawling, he-, -m-.Tedu yem tey dô kmefeng bè abalem yóó?What is that sticking (sprawling) thing there on your shoulder?-n-.Knefengen ta bnes yem tey molung hitem yóó?What is sprawled there on the grass, that dark reflection over there?vargekefengsyndket 1cflekefeng 1
kefiTagalog kapenCoffea arabica.Coffee.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
kefìCoastal AreanA fairly large, flat shoulder bag, 12 x 18 in., woven from a small bamboo with a triangle-shaped closure, used for carrying betel nut chews when doing field work or traveling.synsning 1Appendix 24 Baskets
kefifitnFlying tree lizard, small green lizards with wings.cfkyalu 1Appendix 20 Reptiles
kefnitnEonycteris spelaea glandifiea.Philippine dawn bat or cave bat.cfkebeg 1Appendix 28 Bats
kefnit nongunRousettus amiplexicaudatusGeoffroy's rousette or russet flying fox.Appendix 28 Bats
kefnit ngelnGreater Philippine short-nosed or dog-faced fruit bat.Appendix 28 Bats
kefodònHirundo tahitica abbotti.Pacific swallow bird.Appendix 10 Birds
keftinLampyridae family.Firefly or lightning bug."A," mon Datù Fak, "tahu se ni kóm, knikoem kefti tendo gel mit ofi.""Ah," Chief Frog said, "your case is really true, you fear the firefly who continually carries fire (with him)."Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
kefyunA cap-type hat with a visor.cfsloung 1
kegangnEncrustation due to calcium or mineral deposit.
kegewàfromlewànFreedom.Kodu le yó kem tau bè dumu benwu laen olò kegewà le.What a pity for the people in other countries; they don't have freedom.
kegotnSmall frog found in wet rice paddies and along small streams.cfgoson 1Appendix 30 Fro
kegóngn(Of dirt on the body) encrustation.adj(Of the body) dirty, encrusted.-n-.Mom ken-góng lihol le ni kem ngà là olò dyo ni.Instead of being clean their necks are encrusted, these children who don't bathe.synkdamal 2
kegùvarkugùadjCurved, bent.
keh-varkehe-pfxNominalizer with causative prefix.Timbow deng bangen htiba yem tau, gotu nbalen yó kem ween logi nen tulón kul yem kehtibahen anì tnóbóng le.When it's time for a man to make a field, he lets his men friends know of his getting help to clear a field so that they'll help.Ke kmutel lem uyó le ke wen muhen, senged se là kehdeng le du.If the omen bird calls in front of them, this also means their not finishing it.
kehtahufromtahunOne's faith, belief.Alì mlom kehtahuhem yem imò là dogi hfénég bè duktul deng mom bolok yem haliem.Your wound got infected because you put too much faith in the charm and didn't consult a doctor.synsalig 1
kekebvarhkekebmekekebvTo roast something until it is charred, as coffee,, he-, ke-.Béem hekekeb ke météi silà abay se héét mken du.When you roast corn don't roast until it's charred because it's bitter to eat.-m-, -n-.adjOver-roasted, burned, charred.Yem tniba ke mekekeb tey hitem kebelen.When a field burns well its smoke is reallyéét mken du yem silà ke mekekeb lem ofi.Corn that is over-roasted in the fire is bitter to eat.
kekemnA kind of tree, traditionally a part of Tboli legends.Tódô mbut kun yem kekem ktegen lem yem Sbù.Reportedly, kekem just grew standing in Lake Sebu.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses