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kekélnA kind of tree, in times past used for soap.Kekél yem gel fuk kem tau gnan ekni yem klaen deng sabun.Kekél is what the people in times past used to wash with before there was soap.cfsabun 1Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
kem1plPluralizer, precedes the noun it pluralizes.Gel le seflowon ke deng le kem hono seknalam.They usually tease each other if they are already plural all familiar with each other.Ke wen lukas hla le, nólól le bè yó kem libun mla.If there is extra seed, they divide it among the plural women (who) plant.2varnkemskemnGrip; grasp.Tey kem mgel.His grip is very strong.Mung kemem du dounen yem halay nutahem.Include in your grasp the leaves of the rice you harvest.vTo grip, grasp; to hold in one's hand as a bundle of rice.g-, h-, hen-.Tey snalig amohen yem tau yó tey bong sok henkemen filak.His master really trusts that person, it is very much when he lets him hold money (business capital).k-, m-.Alì móyô mkem suk ngà nii.This child is very keen to hold a knife.Tey nkem yê filak mgel.Mother is holding (keeping) coins.n-.A fistful, whatever you can hold in your hand; anything owned by more than one person.Boluy le yem lukas hla, nkem.They call the extra seed rice grasp (left over).s-.If (for example) you are paying people and you don't have the right amount of change for each of them, you give a bill to one of them who will be responsible to get change and pay the others what they are due.Skem kuy lemen ni filak ni.You all have a part in this money here.What is left over is given away so that their rice will be plenty.synogot 2Wen nkem le.idiomLit. There is something they are grasping (said of people or a group of people who by custom are carrying a curse on their bodies. It may also be said as Wen nù lem hólól le. 'There is something in their hands.' or Wen nù lem knugu le. 'They have something under their fingernails.'3vTo handle, as a court case; to be in charge of; to coach.Yake uu do dé mkem du yem kasu twolihu anì là katen blat etahen.It would be good if you handle for me the court case of my sibling so that it won't be so heavy on him.h-, k-, m-.Sok tólóng tau mkem du yem kudau sok sékét kudà sal gel mlo tau.When a different person is in charge of/coaches my horse when horses fight each other, he always chases people (instead of fighting with the other horse).n-.synkmamalkulu 3
kem hólólnHandshake.vTo shake hands with an acquaintance.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synnok hólól 1
kemesvTo scratch or claw, usually of animals.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfkalus 1
kemetvarknemetkyemet1nToes.varknemetkyemetAppendix 12 Body parts of a person2vTo steal.Ten-gamahem tau yó sok mógów bè gunuem tey kemet.Be careful of that person when he goes to your house, he steals.synlufet 1nagaw 1
kenvarhkenskennFood.Ke htóbóng le, wen se fen meted ken bélê le.When they have others help plant, there is always someone to bring them food.vTo eat; to swallow up; to consume, as by fire, debt; to beat an opponent, as in a game.Gotu ken sit ne sdô ne ungé.It's all eaten by maya birds, pigs and rats.Deng ken ofi.It was consumed by fire.g-, h-, k-, m-.Deng klibut le, omin le mken tum ken libut, ne nbut le hógów yem lówó halay.When they have performed the rice ritual, then they eat the food for it and they begin (to plant) the main part of the rice field.
ken-varkn-pfxNominalizer with object focus prefix."A," mon Kefti, "yó gunuhu tendo eles mit ofi, knikou yó kem blawang, tódô le gel mékét.""Oh," Firefly said, "the reason I'm always bringing fire with me is that I'm fearing those mosquitoes, they just always bite."
kendengenfromdengen*nWealth, riches.
kendìnTea kettle.
kenebegTagalog laau-laaunPaspalum conjugatum.Sour grass; 'T' grass, a weed that multiplies rapidly.Appendix 17-03 Weeds
kenhulungfromhulung 1nSkill; talent.Tey dê kenhulungen ni kmoen ni.She has lots of skills at this time.Sotu kenhulung tau yem hlolok.One of man's talents is singing the ballad.syntngón 1
kenmawangnPolio, a form of punishment caused by a spirit due to misbehaving or lack of respect for nature.vTo have polio; to be lame in one leg.Béi mken bè tonok kô kenmawang ye.Don't eat on the ground, you might get polio.synkéngél 2kenmó 1
kenmón(Of sickness) a form of punishment caused by a spirit due to misbehaving or lack of respect for nature.synkéngél 2kenmawang 1
kesadjInsufficient, a very small amount; an expression meaning 'How little!' or 'Why so small!'synutì 1
kes-varks-pfxNominalizer with reciprocal action prefix.Yó se gunu le tendo mauy halay yó kem Sit Bokong abay se deng tehe kul kestulón Tahaw.The reason the Dusky Mannikin birds continually visit the rice fields is because of their previous agreement with each other Nightjar.Ke sok le deng sulék nù bè yó yem lewu le, nbut le ne yem kesfatay le.When the two of them are already there, then they begin fighting each other.
kesawinCoracina coerulescens.Black cuckoo shrike.Appendix 10 Birds
kesinThe sound produced as water starts to boil.Hanà yó hii kesihen yem suu te kótóng.Just now there is the sound of what I put on the fire beginning to boil.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo start boiling, as, he-, ke-, -m-.Négem kun ke deng kemsi yem él tebel yóó.Look and see if that waterpot has started to boil.-n-.
kesidownChlidonias hybrida javanica.Whiskered tern or pygmy swiftlet.Appendix 10 Birds
kesondoynScotophilus temmincki temmincki.Temminck's yellow bat.Appendix 28 Bats