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kestigusTagalog testigosnWitness.Là hnungol le kóm ke laen kestigusem.They won't listen to you if you don't have a witness.vTo witness or attest to a fact or an event; give testimony to or testify.-m-.
ket1vTo make something complete.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.adjEach, denoting every one of a number; even, complete, satisfying.Ket na lewu mò kwahen du.He took two each time.Mdengen ke ket tau ket ne tlu duhen fat hunges ken nù béléen.It's plenty if each person has three or four (pieces of) wrapped food each.Tódô ket bè yem kwen le yem nitu.What I brought was exactly enough/complete for all of them.Tey ket yem kehedemen.His thinking is very complete (meticulous).Knawa là ketidiomOf one's inconsiderate manner, behavior or attitude.2nRitual for determining when the planting of rice will take place.They take a pinch of rice from the basket and while chanting, "Keti kun libut ke móyói hlahu uu kemdaw ni, ke haya." "You be even libut (a spirit) if you want me to plant you today, or tomorrow." Then they count the kernels out two by two. If it comes out even, it is okay to plant. If not, they repeat the procedure until it does come out even. Each time represents a different day.vTo perform this ritual.g-, h-, ke-.Yó se kdaw kket libuten, yó se kdaw eheken.The day determined by performing the ritual is the day he plants.m-.Ke deng masà ne lób, ominen mket libuten ni logi gunuhen temngón du ke hyu keheken.If (the field) is already burned, then the man will perform the ritual which makes known when it is good for him to plant rice.n-.Bè halay, gu laan le là deng mehek, na le nket libut le.Of rice, before they plant, first they perform the ritual.
ketaiTagalog tangladnAndropogon citratus.Lemon grass, ginger grass, sweet-rush.cfbawing 1kfinù 1kisul 1Appendix 17-02 Grasses
ketefnRoof.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo put up a roof.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
ketelvTo itch.Tey ketel yem lafu.Scabies is very itchy.h-, k-, -n-.synknel1 1cfaaw 1kékél 1lafu 1ketel sigu1idiomTo give a gift and then have a share of it afterwards.It is believed that when someone gives food and partakes of it himself, the elbow will itch. So the giver should not eat of what he has given to someone.
ketemnClick beetle.cfkotuk 1Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs
keteyanHectare, a unit of area in the metric system, 1 hectare = 10,000 m2 or 2.471 acres.Tek sotu kun yem mon le suguken, balù lematu keteya klamang gunun mdà, bede tódô mdà bè gunun sóól nim benwu ni.Reportedly, they say it (the sky) has only one support; the area where it stands is a hundred hectares, in the middle of this world.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurement
ketéhénLoriculus philippensis.Philippine hanging parakeet or colasisi.Appendix 10 Birds
ketibengnAmaurornis phoenicurus javanicus.White-breasted swamphen.Appendix 10 Birds
ketiseknA very small bird.Appendix 10 Birds
ketngónfromtngónnWisdom.Ke là nmuhen du ketngónen yem tau yó se gunun gel gbà klowilen.The reason a person's life is ruined is because he does not use his wisdom.synhulung 1
ketòvTo crack, as joints.Gotu ketò lem bukolu lanu glokob.When I fell over, my knees cracked.Béem tagad snakay yem ngà kudà kô ketò tiolen dalilen là lemnok.Don't ride the colt too soon; he might crack his bones causing him not to, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.
ketolvarsektolnRow, line of something; bloodline.vTo be in a line or a, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.synból 2lugod 1sfu 3fu 2tbong 1tlê 1cfidas 1
ketolunA kind of worm found on taro plant leaves.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
ketósynksê 1
ketutvarkfotutvTo be frightened, scared; to make someone jump with fright.Bê ye kat hebnes wen tau tungô kô ketut.Don't make so much noise; someone is sleeping and he might be, he-, ke-, -m-.Là hyu gel kemtut du yem libun mlutut mon le kô gamà.It's not good to frighten a pregnant woman, they say she might abort.-n-, se-, sem-, sen-.
keuntingnMythological horse.
kewelnEar-to-ear earrings passing under the chin. These are made of seed beads, brass and horsehair chains.synbeklew 1bekung 1
kewetfromewet1nFine brass wire, finely coiled and made into tiny earrings.vTo put on, hook, attach, as tiny wires or chains.g-, h-, -m-, -n-, s-.2adjIntertwined, coiled around, as plants and weeds.-m-.Tey mgel kemlo lem hulu ke deng tahà yó kem kluon kmewet.It's hard to weed in the plants when the weeds are already tall and intertwined.-n-.3vFor a strand of something, as hair, to get tangled up in the throat.g-.Deng tô mlef yem ngà tey kegenen gkewet lem liholen balu wek.The child almost died because it was a long time that a strand of hair was tangled up in its throat.h-, s-.syngbeteng 1betenggfét 1fétvarskewet
nPenelopides panini panini.Tarictic hornbill, black with white tail feathers.Appendix 10 Birds
nFeces, fecal matter.vTo defecate.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
kê faknRust.adjRusty.n-.
kê klingunEarwax.adj(Of ears) dirty, unclean.n-.
kê nihinTartar, encrustation on teeth.adj(Of teeth) dirty, unbrushed.n-.
kébéngnChip, as a small fragment of crockery.vTo chip small pieces off the edge of something.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.kébéng huyówSmall fragments of ceramic pottery found in the ground considered to be evidence of the Japanese presence here pre-World War II.