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kédéwnScream.vTo scream from fright or pain.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.synlangat 1
kékélnA skin disease similar to double skin, very itchy.cfaaw 1ketel 1lafu 1
kélvarmkél1nA stick broom made from the center stem of the coconut leaves; bushy branches used to sweep under and around the house.vTo sweep with a coconut stick broom.g-, h-.Hkél ye kem ngà yem mò gunuhu hemdaw silà.Have the children sweep the place for me to dry, m-, n-.syngkitay 1kitaycfunó 12vTo resemble, be like.Kélen ke fuen ngà ni alì móyô kmifót.This child resembles his great grandparent; he always forgets.g-, h-.Béem hkél o bè yem kóm kebakà.Don't liken me to your, m-.Mkél du yem ngaen.His child resembles him.n-.Béem nkél mal slong imoen hebélét deng yó.Don't be like tarsier who only started to do something at the last minute.s-.Skél te.You and I look alike.semse-, sense-.Sensekél ye lu kun ke senged le.Compare (put them close together to see) if they are the same.hes-, kes-.adjAlike, identical; resembling, similar to.synsenged 1
kéléadjCross-eyed.h-, ke-, -n-.synbilaw 1
kélé fakadjSlightly crossed-eyed.
kémétTagalog tayum, tayuman1nIndigofera birsuta.A weed that grows about one meter high.Appendix 17-03 Weeds2vTo pinch with the fingers.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kénénA tiny bit of the edge of a leaf, usually of tobacco, mint leaves; tiny bit of the edge of anything flat.vTo tear a tiny bit from a leaf.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-, s-.
kéngvarhkéngnUntruth; a falsehood.vTo lie; to tell a falsehood.g-, h-, ke-, m-, n-, s-.cfakal 1hlowon 1odoy 1sukat 1tondo 1kéng tôidiomIt's as if.Kéng tô le senged.It's as if they are the same.
kéngél1adjTilted, leaning to one side, as a house that tilts; crooked.cfbéhé 1béhéng 1bihong 1blosok 1sigol 1tlabés 12v(Of spirits) to take note of abuse or lack of respect for something and cause that person to be sick.Kéngél Tmafid mógów te tonok du yem desen yó.Tmafid (a spirit) that goes on the earth was watching and caused his sickness.g-, h-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Knéngél Fun Hulu.Fun Hulu (the spirit owner of plants) has taken notice of his abuse of the produce and caused his sickness.It is believed that if you go out of your territory and, for example bathe there, you need to throw something into the water, such as a button or safety pin, as an offering/permission so that the spirit of that place will not be angry with you and cause you to be sick. Or if you build a fire on the ground and roast any crops or playfully cook food, you could be punished by either making you permanently have a limp or cause your hands to become paralyzed. To avoid this, a bit of each kind of food you cook has to be thrown to the owner of the land.synkenmawang 1kenmó 1
kéténgnAny of various edible, bivalve mollusks as clams and oysters and their shells.cfkima 1Appendix 25-01 Kinds of fish
kéténg bukolnKnee cap.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
kéténg tutùnArea around breast nipple.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
kéwêvarkawêlekéwêvTo hang onto and pull something towards oneself, as a tree, he-, ke-, -m-.Tolo des lem kwangen lanen alì kméwê tu kem tuhod talak dnaduhen.His back still aches from pulling (to remove) those stumps in his field.-n-, s-.cfkdut 1kteng 1
kfanThe flapping of wings, usually of chickens.v(Of fowl) to flap their, he-.Hekfahen hilol yem tau bnulungen yem onuk igoen madal du bè tonok.(During the ritual) he flaps the wings of the chicken around the person he is medicating as he dances on the, -em-, -en-, se-.kfa blékêidiomA stage in the growth of an infant when it is on its back with its arms and feet exerting effort, struggling to communicate.
kfadn(Of cooked food, root crops, fruit) dryness or waterless.adj(Of cooked food, root crops or fruit) dry, waterless.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
kfadangnMelanoplus.Grasshopper, short-horned; field cricket.cfadang 1tlangas 1Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
kfatinDove.Appendix 10 Birds
kfedvFor the skin to wrinkle, as peeled cassava when cooked too far from the flame/coals, becoming soft and soggy instead of, he-.Béem hekfed soki metê ubi koyu, là lekekoben.Don't let it be soggy and soft when you roast cassava, it won't be, -em-, -en-.adjShriveled.Deng mom gotu kfed yem buli nukétu là dog géhél gtógóhu du.The lima beans I shelled and didn't cook have all shriveled.
kfilannA fancy, long-bladed bolo with curved handle used for war.Yó hyu tuké libun knukum kihu ke wen blówón, tekyà lembang ne ke wen kfilan snéen.(At weddings) an item (given) that is good to remove the covering of the bride is a gong, a big betel nut box or a fancy bolo.cftók 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
kfilùnRectangular basket with lid.Appendix 24 Baskets
kfinù1nAn herb used for flavoring vegetables. The roots may be boiled and used for hematuria (blood in the urine).cfbawing 1ketai 1kisul 1Appendix 17-06 Spices and herbs2nTerm for lowlanders.
kfitanEnglish captainnLeader, superior military officer; pilot of plane or ship.