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almost, close to; incompletelyolu 2
almost; sign of lifelemalù 1
alongsidegdolol 1fromdolol
alongside of, support; stick close todolol 1
alreadydeng 2
alsosnê 1
alternatesdaut 1
always at someone else's houseluun 1
always been; repeatedlyhónô 1
always, constantlylóhô 1luhù 1
always, ever, constantlysón mò 1
amaranth, a young thistle plantsnual 1Amaranathus spinosus.
amongst, betweenblóng 3
andne 2
angerlebut 1
angrylebut 1
angry and violenttoyok 1
angry, be defensive; invert the truthhlosok 3
animal, large, wild, often talked about but never seenblek koyu 1
anklesokil 1
ankle braceletsingkil 1
ankle bracelets made from a black grasstugul 1
ankle jointmata kudà 1
annatto, a bush with clusters of red seeds used for dye, food coloringglunggà 1Bixa Orellana.