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abaca, uncultivatedwaka 1wogu 1
abaca, wildluden 1
abandon; cool, lose interesthetnaw 1fromtnaw
abate, as flood waters; shrinkilos 1
abdomenblutut 1
abdominal cavity, colon areahnobò 1
ability, resources; possessions, belongings, sourcekwa 1fromwa 1To obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.
ablegbek 1
able to attend to someone or somethinggetngón 1fromtngón
able to clarifygtukul 1fromtukul
able to hold back, restraingafas 1fromafas
able to hold something backsgafas 1fromgafas
able to overcome; pursue and overcome an obstacle in order to proceedglunsud 1
above; overhead; next, after, as in datesenta 1fromta
abrasionmeklud 1fromklud
abrupt in one's movement or workhtimbow 1fromtimbow
abrupt, fast manner of doing things, talkingsikót 1
abrupt, hasty, fastsikót 1
abscesssidu 1
absence of liquid, as well-cooked ricetanang 1
absent-mindedasén 1
absolutely, completely, continuallylumbus 1
absorb, soak in; penetrate, understand, sense somethinggseb 1fromseb
abundant, copious, plentifulgengón 1
abuse, mistreat, annoy, disturb, molestongò 1