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arrogantly, haughtilyhtuluk 1fromtuluk
arrow barbstlungun 1
arrow made of bamboohiit 1
arrow, blunttlofuk 1
arrow, generichanak 1
arrow, metal-tippedklowit 1
arrow, poisonedlewet 1
arrow, prongedlitag 1
arrow, pronged for hunting wild pigsbat 1
arrow, sharp and pointedbak tukô 1
arrow, shorttbilang 1
arrow, short and fast, used as a weaponhedut 1
arrow, three-prongedslufang 1
arrows, simple, plain, bluntblos 1
as far as; as many as; as much as; to the extent thatbotong 1
as forkun 3
as if, likelumu 2lumun 1fromlumu 2As if, like.
as if; same asliman 1
as if..., an expression used when disregarding another's desires; it's unlikelysilô 1
as long as; either...ortaman 1
as soon as...that is whenuni 2
as, the same aslingu 2
ascend; soar up, as cloudshaway 1
ascent, steep slope; steep climbhenneged 1fromneged