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ashamed of someone or a sinful act; cause someone shameyak 1
ashamed; shyyak 1
ashes, residue of anything burnedkaful 1
aside from, besidessmalà 1fromsalà
ask about someonesólók 1
ask in detailsisif 2
ask; bargainhni 1fromni 1To ask for; to 1
askew; awrysbigog 1
assassinate, destroy, ruin (of people, animals)glà 1from2
assert oneself to be lovedhbong nawa 1
assist, hold a small child while defecatingutul 2
asthmaumos 1
astonished, surprised at; wonder, marvel at; new to something or someonehtaw 1
at leastolò 3
at peace or in agreement with one anothersegtud 1fromtud 1
at that time, on that occasionumahu kóm 1
at the point of death; come to the endhilus 1fromilus
at the same timelel 2luk 3
atlas beetlekamang 1Chalcosoma atlas.
atmosphere overheadta kmawang 1
atone for, amendsawik 2
attachléngê 1
attached; tangledsgafas 1fromgafas
attack, fight; come together en masse, for fun or troubleundug 1
attack, wrestle with; meet some disaster, have an accident; sufferbunù 1