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affair, business, one's concernhentengón 1fromtngón
afford; manage; accomplish, as in amount of work, short of timegabay 1
afraid of and shy away fromhlif 1
afraid, fearklikò 1fromlikò
afraid; fearlikò 1
afterduón 2
aftertasteiled 1
afterwards, subsequentlykogol 1
afterwards; whentikóng 1
again, morebud 1
agonizeslaf 1
agony caused by someone; hurt feelings from misunderstandinghendék 1fromhdék
agree with each othersegmung 1fromgmung
agree with; accompany; included (of things)gmung 1frommung
agree, coordinate; familiar, acquainted; know each othersetngón 1fromtngón
agree; believehtahu 1fromtahu
agreement made to be fulfilled; contract; exchange of promisesbuteng 1
agreement, promisefasad 1
Aha!hók 1
ahead of schedule as payments, appointments; pass underlolok 1
ahead of timehlolok 3fromlolok
ahead, preceding all others; first; foremost in place; earliestgna 1
aim a gun, knife at someonetayà 2
aim for, strike at a certain pointtlak 1
aim, point atnak 2