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alert, ready, be on guardhtigel 1fromtigel
algae; moss on rocks, clay water jarlumut 1
alibi; excusedawa 1
alight temporarily, as bees/fliesdon 1
alight, as a plane, birddef 1
alight, land on something; arrivegdek 1fromdek 2To hit something or someone with a sharp, pointed object.
align, relay, extend, pass around, gossipkitol 1
alike, identical; resembling, similar tokél 2
all against one, gang up againstsbotong 1
all at once; with all one's mighttungan 1
all day longsendaw 1fromkdaw
all of anythingkdê 1
all of somethingsulék 3fromulék
all rightmaya mon 1
all, entire substance, space, number ofgotu 1
all, entirely, altogether; mostlyhlò 2from2To be bossy, nagging; to make little things sound very big which sometimes scares others.
all; purelyhono 1
all; purely; entirelyslumu 1
allow a scab to formtofung 1
allow, permit, give permissionhlus 1fromlus
almost daybreakuték 1
almost dry, as clothes or bamboolodi 1
almost faint from severe painbengón 1
almost mature, (of corn)semélék 1
almost the same status in societygodot* 1