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any valuable item given to sick childfét lóyóf 1
anything that prevents discouragementfét nawa 1
anything that serves as a threadtanul 1
anything used to scare pigs awayhlikò 1fromlikò
apparatus made of metal for combing cogon grasslot 1
apparatus used for getting juice out of sugarcanekwag noko 1
appeal, seek mercyhkodu 1fromkodu
appear all at onceuluk 4
appear little by littleutéb 1
appear, come into view; discovered, revealedgfan 1
appearancehalas 1lasì 1
appearing one after another, as ocean wavessdafil 1fromdafil
appease; placate; pacifyangay1 2
apply more intensityhennóm 1
apply, rub on lightly and slowlylunol 1
appropriate by deceptiontfel 1
appropriate unlawfully, claim ownership of someone else's property; contend, striveled 1
aquatic bugkutu él 1
arc, bow-like curvebeklew 1
arch the back when stretchinghególó 1
arch up, as a snake, ocean waveslekud 1
arched, bent forwardgong 1
Are you sure that's what you want?tahuy 1
area around breast nipplekéténg tutù 1