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area behind the kneelaan ktaan 1
area being burned, prepared for plantinglób 1
area encircling one's house; ritual tablelibut 2
area of bare earth around plantshaya 1
area under the chinlaan kò 1
argue, disagreesgil 1fromgil
arise; wake up and get upbtik 1
arm wrestlesbu1 3
armoronit 1
armpitimak 1
around for the time being; settled; availabletnô 2
around, encirclelibut 3
around, round about, surrounding; along, as the shore, coasthilol 1
arouse, awake from sleep; wake up and go back to sleep; be aware ofdemen 1
arrange child marriages; to be in-lawslai 1
arrange things as in a sitting arrangement; sit down and settle things as in a dispute; confrontseyón 1fromyón 1To sit down on something; to ride on.
arrange, solve, complete somethingstingen 1fromtingen*
arrangement of the small intestine (of a pig)blukus 1
arrive (of a set date)hto 1
arrive before the set datelolok buteng 1
arrive home; reach a destination or an amount of somethingkól 1
arrive, encounter, attackgdofì 1fromdofì
arrogantheklabak 2