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back (of a person or animal); behindkwang 1
back of the head just above the nape of the necksol tuyek 1
back off, reject because of hurt feelingshednu 1fromdnu
backbonetiol kwang 1
backhandtgiwóng 1
backside of a person or knifekogol 2
bad character, cruel, hostile, rudesidek knawa 1
bad talker, impolite, unkind in speechsidek bak 1
bad-tasting; distasteful, unsavoryadu 1
bad, sour taste of old palm drinkmebióng 1
bad, ugly, unfittingsétê 1frométê 1Ugly; not good, not fitting for the occasion.
bad; morally evil; disagreeablesidek 1
badness, hurtfulnessksidek 1fromsidek
bag, small, woven from abaca; pocket on clothingsning 1
bait, lurefan 2
balance, make or take just enough, adequate or exact amountteblà 1
bald headedlalang 1
ball of abaca threadbenogo 1
ball-shapedbetulù 2
ballad, all night singing by one personhlolok 1fromlolok
bamboo containerkobong 1
bamboo or wood used to wind the edge of the abaca strip in order to pull itlihel 1
bamboo rope guardhetung 2
bamboo shooter; pea shooter; airgunsnafang senlok 1