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covered, as with soil; obstructed, hindered, blocked, as lightglimun 1fromlimungtibeng 1fromtibeng
covering, as a blanket, bandage, pillow, diaper; pot holdersofut 1
covering, bandage; bundle of something wrapped uphunges 1
covering, hovering over, as a cloud of smokebob 2
cow; steersafì 1
cowardly; afraidgok 1
cowrie shellsaki 1
crab, malemudang 1
crab, soft-bodied stageklungol 1
crackglô 2
crack in the ground, kettlesetengag 1
crack or dent that is visiblegtô 1
crack, as jointsketò 1
cracked, broken (of object)skang 1
cracks in one's heelsbetewê 1
cracks in the ground where sweet potato has grown bigukag 1
cradle capbuduk 1
cradle cap, scaling lesions on head of newbornslakà 1
cramp or spasmsufél 1
crash, smash, collideleglós 1
crave for something during pregnancyblolu 2
craving in the first stage of pregnancylolu 1
crawlkadaw 1
crawl, slitheringulu 1
crazy bone; knobs on the end of large bones or treesbukuk 1
crazy, lunaticlengel mata 1
creakkdét 1
crease between rolls of fatglong 1leglong 1fromglong 1
crease or line between rolls of fatlegled 1
creases in the arms or legs of a chubby childgeled 1
create (of magic)dlimun 1
create, originate; devise, invent; startlebù 1
credit; debtutóng 1
creep, tiptoe, sneak along in the dark to scare or catchhgok 1
creeper vineawal 1
creeper vine with large leavesmeglung 2
creeper weedumek 1
cricket or moleklool 1
crime; serious offensesamuk 1
cringe, recoilkned* 1
crippled in arms, feet and legs, unable to walkhikot 1
crippled, unable to walkkihod 1
crispy, brittle and breakablebetok 1
criticize, complainslón 1
crook handle of an umbrellahanguy 1
crooked, having a twisted endbukut 1
crooked; curvedsigol 1
cross beamhlekel 1