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careless with delicate thingshlingas 1
careless; bothersomesebwag 1
carelessly hold something; dangle, hang looselyhanguy 2
carried on someone's backhbô 1from
carried or taken awayhówóng 2fromówóng 1
carried upkayang 1
carried, swayed, swept or brought into troubleówóng 2
carrier mat for fowlobin 2
carry a child on shouldersdugang 1
carry a load on a pole balanced across one shouldertihang 1
carry a person or animal on one's back with hands and feet in front of the carrierkabal* 1
carry an infant in a sling around the mother's neckhebón 1
carry in a slingeben 1
carry in handkitin 1
carry in the hands, as a pailkayang 1
carry in your handkulóng 2
carry many different things at the same time; bring along, as many childrensetebwón 1fromtebwón 2To tie several ears of corn together by the husks.
carry many things in clusters or bunches; cluster/flock into one placesfungu 1fromhungu
carry on one's back1
carry on the back, child with arms around the carrier's neck or an animalhekabal 1fromkabal*
carry or take an item to a place in order to sell or display itdagang 1
carry something on one's headsudù 1
carry something under the arm with its string or strap hanging over the shoulderslé 3
carry things or animals on your back using a rope tiesnung 1
carry using a poledulu 1
carry, as a debtgbô 1from
cast a spell, cursetfù 1
cast lotstayà 1
castrated, neuteredkafun 1
catkukù 1Felis catus.
cat fleakutu kukù 1Ctenocephalides felis.
cat, mature maleloug 1
cat, young malelongo 1
cat's cradle, a game done with string on fingerskì bolì 1
cat's cradle, a game played with string on fingerssabat 1
cat's cradle, a game played with string on the fingerssayà 1
cat's hair or snake weed, a creeping herbhakang 1Euphorbia hirta.
cataractbulol 1
catch a falling object from underneath it; support from below with the handsabà 3
catch a glimpse of someone in a crowdgfes ton 1
catch a thrown objectsamal 1
catch or hold something using both armsslegef 1
catch sickness from other peoplegbót 2frombót
catch something from underneath itsegef 1fromegef
catch something in a containersilung 1
catch up with just in timetgafit 1fromgafit
catch up with or chase the one who is making holes with a dibble-stick for planting rice, chanting lé, lé, lé.2
catch up with; reach something overheadgafit 1
catch; capture, kidnap, takekfô 1
caught in a snare; affected by a supernatural force, either adversely or favorably; affect others adversely by a supernatural forcetawan 1