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caught in the raingasan 1
caught on something; delayed someplacegsuféng 1fromsuféng
causative prefixh- 1
cause friction; gnash, grind teeth in sleepséhék 1froméhék1
cause of a sickness or problemdalil 3
cause or reason forlewót 1
cause something to be muddyhitok 1
cause to be tasty, as when cookinghnóm 1fromnóm
cause to be ugly, bad; destroy; harmhesidek 1fromsidek
cause to experience, go through, as torture, sufferingheglan 1fromlan 1hegnóm 1fromgnóm
cave in, as a wallgmê 1
cave, jungle dwellertau mlóy 1
cease, die down, subside, vanish; recedeonol 1
cease, halt, stoptefnô 1
celebrated, noted, famous, well knowntótól 1
centavolad 1
center post of a house which is a live treedeles 1
centipedesyufón 1
cereal-like food made of sweet potato, rice, corn and cassava cooked togetherkludug 1
certain music produced by beating a drumtbol là kulu 1
certain music produced by playing the klintanglà tuyuy 1
chafe off, as skinmeklud 1fromklud
chaff; empty huskskafa 1
chair, stool, benchbangkù 1
challenge (of horse); act superior (of people)hulas 1fromulas
challenge one another, as in fightssefni 1fromhni 2To challenge, as in a fight.
challenge, as in a fighthni 2fromni 1To ask for; to bargain.
chance, time; opportunitylugal 2
changeili 1
change directionhaking 1
change from a purchasesenseyu 1
change large bills into smaller denominations (of money)sambì 1
change, as fashion, technologysegkay 1fromkay 2
change, trade-offtles 1
channel; conduit used to collect water or sap from a treetugól 1
charge; attack; rush headlongdlu 1
charm for newbornsbangan 3
charm tied around the waistgoling 1
charm to entice a womanhnubay 1
charm used for getting a pigligal sdô 1
charm used for protectionhenyas 1
charm used on dogs for hunting purposesblét 2
charm used on horsesblangit 1
charm used to put people to sleepulof 1
charm worn for protectionifu lówó 1
charm, a stonebetyà 1
charm, customhlom nawa 1