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chayotesyuti 1Sechium edule.
cheat, buy one and take twolimbul 1
cheat, deceivelingko 1
cheat, swindlelugi1 2
check on someone; attend to; find out what's happeningtenngón 1fromtngón
check the maturity of corn; peep through a hole in a walllengé 1
cheekhifi 1
cheerhtóy 1
cheer on a storytellerhek 1
cheer on, as a groupklélé 1
chestkfu 1
chew anything fibrous, as sugarcanetfes 1
chew betel nutamak 1
chew lightly, to softenufì 1
chew or break off sugarcane with teethangil1 1
chew or gnaw meat off a bone; work quickly, keeping up with othersmlé 1from1To eat around something, as the meat off a bone or corn from a cob.
chew ritual to undo the effect of a charmsfà 1
chew sugarcaneoko 1
chew, as foodsfà 2
chicken down, fuzzasung 1
chicken hawkkofi 1
chicken licelanaf 1
chicken lice, tiny, redslit 1
chicken lice; germssisif 1
chicken poxugu bal 1
chicken, a variety ofgólóng 1
chicken, newbornngà itit 1
chicks (fowl in the epics)hnubul 1
chief of policeslintù 1
chief; leaderdatù 1
child who becomes part of a family as a helper, maybe for a short time or until the child is grownngà nemu 1
chin and knees meet (in old age)sakung 1
chin strap on a hatbekewet 2
chin strap on a woman's hatbenget 1
china plate with blue trimswatan 1
Chinese orange, wild and very sourkbuléng 1Citrus microcarpa.
chip of anythingkbéng 1
chip, as a small fragment of crockerykébéng 1
chip, fragmentsluéng 1fromsuéng 1slunéb 1
chipped blade (of knife)bébék 1
chips of wood, bamboolués 1
chips, pieces, remains, as of wood, food, propertyubang 1
choke on dry foodbuel 1
choke on foodgebesuk 1
choke on liquidskon 1
choker made of several rows of tiny beadstutung 1
chop into small, irregular chunksufók 1
chop up, chip awaytbal 1