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chop, split wood lengthwise1
chop, tap or pound somethingtbuk 1
chopping boardtólón 1
chronic (of illness)leyen 1
chronic (of sickness)slaw 1
chronic sicknessdes lenelen 1fromlelen 1
chronic weaknesshbonu 1
chunk, hunktifak 1
cicadakuléng 1
cicada, a kind oftmaba kulón 1
cigarettesiguf 1
circular frame for a fish net or woman's hatbekung 1
circular indentation around somethingglong 2
circular motion in one spotkibung 1
circumcisetulì 1
circumcisiontulì 1
civet, wild fox-like animaltenggalung 1Viverra tangalunga.
claim, contend, protestklém 1
clamor for attentionléngê 2
clams, oysterskéténg 1
clan; broodlebók 1
clap one's handssdofì hólól 1fromdofì
clap one's hands; flap wings (of fowl)ufuk 2
clarifyhtukul 1fromtukul
clash, collide (of people or animals)seglamù 1
clash, collide (of people)sgigad 1fromigad
class of, kind ofklasi 1
claw; scratchkebeng 2
clay water juglebwón 1
clean, cleared, plowed arealinis 1
clean, spotless; clearólós 1
clean, tidy, neatledof 1
clean, tidy, trim, clearhaya 1
clear a protective swath around a fieldgahit 1
clear and pleasing (of sound)basal 1
clear one's throattnéhém 1
clear, brighttataw 1
clear, distinct, as in color or designóntóng 1
clear, every, allimot 1
clear, transparenttikaw 1
clearly, distinctlyhatu 1maan 2fromlaan 1mingu 1
clearly, plainlytukul 1
click beetleketem 1kotuk 1
click the tongue in disapprovalletà 1
clicking of the tongue, tsk, tsktsek 1
cliff, steep river bank; ground, earthkbu 1
climb a pole ladderaut 1
climb up a treekaf 1