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cling tightly with arms and legs to someone or somethinglekefeng 1
cling to; make a chain; link togetherkawit 1
cling to; unable to be separated from someonegalu 1
clitorislem1 4too 1
close an openingkifut 1
close an umbrella; loosen the bowstringlefés 1
close neighbor; put side by side; adjacentsléténg 1fromléténg
close one's eyes, as when prayinghidong 1
close together, side by sidedéféng 1
close up, as a book; put a patch on clothesklofì 1fromkofì 1(Of objects) to stick two things together, to fit tightly; to fit oneself into a group or place.
close, as one's eyes in sleepsdofì 1fromdofì
close, fold shut, as a flower; heal (of a wound)stikom 1
close, tight (of space)sguk 1
closelyhonit 1
closeness, as in nearnessdodong 1
cloth, embroidered with tasselsangkul 1
cloth, kind of woven abacadnoli 1
cloth; clothesnes 1
clothes, old and wornlemuem 1
cloud; foglobun 1
cloudy; shady, shadowygolung 1fromolung
club, stick, mallet, drumstickbogul 1
clucking of a hen as she calls her chicksklek 1
clue, warningseb 1
clusterlefungu 1
cluster or bunch, as a bunch of grapeshungu 1
cluster-berrytulé 1
cluster, bunch of fruitsfungu 1fromhungu
clustered, as coconuts; joined together as two bananassféngê 1fromhéngê
clusters of tiny roots or branches of a certain vine hanging down from a treetlê tlonton 1
coalsbala 2
cobrasedef 1
coccyx, fatty part at the base of the tail (of animals except fowl)igul 1
cock, set a bow; open up an umbrellabtul 1
cockfightsedóng 1fromdóng
cockroachkaba 1Periplaneta americana.
cockroach, smallmóg 1
coconut beetlekamang lefò 1Oryctes rhinocerus.
coconut graterklut 1
coconut oilhnolo 1
coconut or betel nut fruit, very young, immaturebutik 1
coconut stick broomkél 1
coconut, young, greenagit 1
coffinlungun 1
cogon grasskolon 1Imperata cylindrica.
coil up, as a rope or snakelakun 1
coincide, concur with; arrive at a particular place at same timegbangà 1
coincide; meet, greet visitors on their arrivalslà 1
coincidentally; just happening to occur at the same timekulel 1