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coldtnaw 1
cold and hardkefeg 1
collapse from fright, shock; temporarily deafenedleef 1
collarbone; brim of a cooking potblegel 1
collect out-of-season things little-by-little from different sourcessegleg 1
collide with; hit, strikebunggù 1
Color, brown, as squashkobu 2
color, green; green part of somethinglenaw 1
color, purple, as the color of sweet potato and taro tuberssabak 2
color; design; marking; lettersbetek 1
colored bead on a Tboli necklacebobol 1
comb (of fowl)senóól 1
combined, altered, mixed, blendedsbool 1frombool
come along uninvited to a gatheringmung hafil 1fromafil
come and go slowly, almost unnoticedolung 1
come apart, disconnect; separate, divorce; unfold, open upbkas 1
come back to life; revivebawik 1
come nearer, approach, draw near, stay close byhloni 1
come off, as a scablekob 1
come out of the belly, as intestines when stabbedgwak 1
come to senses; regain consciousness; mature, as a childhetngón 2fromtngón
come to someone and challenge for a fightuluk 5
come up against, encounter; afflictedglumfak 1fromlumfak
come; born; arrive at a place; come out as shootssut 1
comfort a crying childlunay 2
comfort, ease, as a child that is cryingifa 1
comfort, soothe a crying childlifa 1fromifa
comfort; caressdafu 1
command; law, ruleudin 1
comment or curse of a dead person's spiritngak lemogol 1
commit mistake, errorbisung 1
commit suicidehfu 1fromfu 2To finish, used up; complete to the end, as when reading a book, viewing a film.
commit suicide by hangingmówól lihol1 1fromówól 2To hang; to tie around the neck.
common law casekasu 1
common palm civet catbolos 1Paradoxurus philippinensis.
commotion, noisekbuleng 1
commotion, noise; disturbance, hubbubsbólós 1
community, country, nation, dwelling place; earthbenwu 1
companion, mate, relative, other part of somethingdumu 1
compatible or the same in qualitysfet 1
compatible or the same in value, as an objectstibó1 1fromtibó
compatible with, as husband and wife; same in valueseblà 2fromblà 1
compatible; equal in valuesken 1fromken
compel by force (of animals)binsul 1
compel, force (of people)dinsul 1
complain about not getting what someone else gothlaway 1
complain of a sicknesstalaw 1
complete something, as an amount; relay, as a messagehgefet 1fromgefet