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complete something; pass judgment on, judgehdeng 1fromdeng
completely coveredtfeng 1
complicated, roundabout, long way aroundsiwed 1
conceal, hide in the interior of something; bunch up or slide togetherles 1
conceited, proud; acting smarthegdag 1
concentrate on one thinglenumbus 1
concentrate, focus onkudung 2kumong 1
concentrate, focus, center on one thing; converge onbongo 1
concern, regard forónó nawa 1
condemntuled 1
condemnationtuled 1
condition change, as sickness; blemish; defecthemen 1fromlemen
conduit for waterteblél 1
cone-shapedblongon 1
confirm; say yes toheel 1fromel
confiscate guns, bolosnewed 1fromewed 2To tie or wind one end of an animal's tether around something strong in order to really hold it.
confiscate, take away by forcehugus 1
confiscate; cross-examine; investigatekuhì 1
confluencetdaan 1
confused, mixed up, frustratedsbeweg 1
conjunctivitiskmugà 1
connect, hook, tie something to something elseewet 1
connive, conspiregdófón 1fromdófón
conscienceledem 1
consequences of disobediencetilà 1
consequentlyumù 1
constantlytotot 1
constantly, clearly, plainly2
constipatedtlan 1
consume, eat or drink up, use all, as strengthhotu 1
consume, finish all; clear out, clean upimot 1
contactnefet 1fromefet1 2
containerlihub 1
container, low, flat, roastingslóón 1
container, usually bamboosokong 1
contaminate, make unclean the water outlethayan 1
contaminate, pollute; played with, messy (of food)lemeg 1fromemeg
contaminated (of possessions); appointed, ordainedolu 1
contemptleméd 1
content, messageutóm 2
contented, satisfiedbeyen 1
contentedness, not tiring of somethingkbeyen 1frombeyen
continually go on in what one is doinghetbol 1fromtbol 3Shake, tremble, shiver due to coldness, sickness, fear or anger; chatter; rattle on and on.
continue doing what is prohibitedsonol 1
continue, persist in doing somethinghnolì 1
continue, proceed, insisthlel 2
continuous crying (child); keep on barking (dogs)dluu 1fromduu
continuous humming, buzzinggeng 1
continuous salivationtbul iwol 1