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continuouslyseflós 1fromhlós 1To proceed, continue on without an obstacle.
contract entered intofét buteng 1
contraction of yet and thathem 1fromhe
contractions, labor painskuleng 2
contraption for scaring away birdsklitol 1fromkitol
contraption of strings for scaring away birdslolol 1
contribute tobunow 1
contributionamut 1
convince, enticeofok 2
convulsionssidaf 1
cook a vegetable without seasoninghtu 2
cook corn on the cob, in the huskgoyu 1
cook in banana leaves over hot coalskmê 2
cook with coconut milk, as vegetables, meatgatà 1
cooked (of food); ripe (of fruit)tógó 1
cooked rice (dry, not wet and mushy)bliwo 1
cooking pot made from a tin cankuleng tatung 1
cooking pot made of aluminumkuleng tók 1
cooking pot, claykuleng tonok 1
cool down, make coldtnaw 1
cool; dreary, gloomy, dark; overcast, cloudylenù 1
cork; plug; blockseng 1
corn cob; stalk of bananasgoyu 1
corn silksigi 2
corn tasselsakad 1
corn used in soup, dried, roasted and poundedhekbéng 1fromkbéng
corn, a stage of growthsyumé 1
corn, almost ready for harvestingsabi 1
corn, hard-roasted kernelsnkeb 1fromkeb 1Hard, rock-like kernels usually found in mung beans that do not get soft with cooking.
corn, maizesilà 1Zea mays.
corner an animal in a circling mannerslubà 1
corner of a bridegroom's bandanalongoy 1
corner, where two side walls meet inside a buildingsokok 1
corners of the mouthsélék 1
correct, as a mistakestódô 1fromtódô 1
correct, right, exacttódô 1
cotton, rawgófós 1Gossypium birsutum.
coughkow 1
cough continuously (of asthma)umos 1
count off days on a knotted ropelidan 1
count pieces of property by using stickssalì 1
counted asbilang 1
court hearingskukum 1fromkukum 1
cover a jar, basket by slipping something down over itsuub 2
cover somethingsukub 1
cover something up with cloth; cover something by payment of a finelimun 1
cover up completely in a blanket; completely cover the bride with a Tboli abaca blanket (as part of the marriage ceremony)kukum 2
cover, lidsefeng 1
covered completelylangub 1