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c'mon, come onè e 1
cabbagekabid 1Brassica oleracea/capitada.
cackle (hen)kakak 1
cackle (of a rooster or hen)kokok 1
cackle (of hen); loud laughtertkak 1
cactus plantsumfat 1Nopalea cochinellifera.
caked on dirt, as on clothes, bodykdamal 2
calamity caused by laughing too hard or at animalsseblow 1
calculate by the monthbulón 2
calf of a person's leghosò ti 1
call a coltnót nót 1
call a kittenying 1
call a pigdik 1
call any domestic animalhen-ót 1
call excitedly or hystericallysekba 1fromkba
call for a dog1
call for somebody to be present before approving any proposal or before ending a casehtaba 1fromtaba
call of the omen birdkutel 1
call of the omen bird warning of difficulties aheadglung 1
call out, in order to distract from heat or paintyuhu 1
call someone names, cursehlagi 1
call which foretells danger (of the omen bird)kukut 1
call, summontaba 1
calm, thinking straightolo 2
candlewax; beeswax, yellow, waxy, not stickytolu 1