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dam up a stream using leaves and rockssefel 1slefel 1fromsefel
damage, diseasedes 2
damp, as clothes not fully dry; coolmenù 1fromlenù
dampenamù 1
dampen something using a leaf or clothafù 1
danceadal 1
dance along with a dancer who is also playing the lutesligen 2fromsigen
dance along with another dancersigen 1fromligen
dance with the rhythm produced while pounding ricetbeyey 1
dancing, jumpingsóyów 1
danger, as killinghnilam 1
dangles made of beads or horsehairbekewet 1
dangles on an antique necklacehemot 1
dareabay 1
daring, haughty, foolish (of children)meem 1fromleem
dark (of an area) and overcast, as before raingeeb 1
dark (of color)legem 1
dark (of color); overcast, as when about to rainlemegem 1
dark, cloudy, rainy with sunny intervals; angry and crying (of a child)lebuut 1
dark, gloomy, overcast (of the day or moon)lebnong 1
dark, hard spots in bananastebaang 1
dark, night, overcast, lacking lightkifu 1
dark, overcast skytengeb 1
dawdle around, loiterhegindang 1
dawdle, putter aroundlingkag 1
dawdle; indirecttlek 3
day; sunkdaw 1
daybreakwas 1
daybreak, almostkafi haya 1
daydreamhetengów 1
daytimekdaw 1
dazzled, blinded temporarilysngel 1
dazzling reflection from the sun during a rain showersilang kdaw 1
dazzling reflection of lightsilang 1
dead stone which pulverizes easilybotu koyoy 1
death rattle (of people); squeak of bamboo rubbing togethersgék 1
debate, arguesegwê 1
decay, sour, spoil (of food)bali 1
deceittondo 1
deceit, cheatlimbul 1
deceive, fool, tricktondo 1
deceive, obtain by deceptionsukat 1
declining of flow, as good health, floodilos 1
decomposed, bloatedledug 1
decoration attached to the bowkléngkéng 1
decoration, adornment or attributeklóón 1
decorations cut out at the tip of a fancy boloilaw suk 1