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eachket 1
eager, zealouskinì nawa2idiom ofkinì 1Hot, as in temperature.
ear infection, chronickok 1
ear-to-ear earrings passing under the chinkewel 1
earlier, few hours agoginu 1
early morning; first part of the day between dawn and middayhlafus 1
earring worn by menkuból 1
ears (loops) on basketsklingu 2
earth, ground, soil; land as distinguished from sea or skytonok 1
earthquakelinol 1
easymahil 1fromlahil
easynesslahil 1
eat a living person (of spirits)tatak 3
eat around something, as corn on the cob, meat off a bone1
eat by gnawing or nibbling, as corn, sweet potatokaléb 1
eat hurriedly, as a dogdomfol 1
eat only meat or vegetablesana 2
eat rice without anything elsetofuk 1
eat something raw that is usually cookedtatak 2
eat the same kind of root crops, as in poverty or faminelueg 1