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face each other; confrontsesolu 1fromsolu
face powderbedak 1
face; foreheaduyó 1
fade away naturallygenef 1
fade, colors run, as in cloth1
fading color (of bead on a Tboli necklace)obol 1
faint glimmer of a smilelengitom 1
fair-skinned, with a beautiful complexionbusê 1
fair, beautiful (of complexion); in good condition or moodlónób 1
fairy spiritSméléng 1
faith, beliefkehtahu 1fromtahu
faithful, dependableteneb 1
fall and hurt the face, mouthgtumek 1fromtumek
fall and hurt the mouthgtumol 1fromtumol
fall and land on one's chindeef 2
fall and land on the buttockstegyón 1fromyón 1To sit down on something; to ride on.
fall back head first due to improper carryinggfadu 1
fall downbtang 1
fall face down, accidentallygedouf 1
fall face firstsumek 1
fall flat on one's stomachgefen 1
fall forward due to rotgdofuk 1fromdofuk
fall headfirstgtung hlosok 1
fall offtulé 2