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gag, as when about to vomittekok 1
gallbladderhedun 1
gamble with cardssembilan 1
gamble, play cardssugal 1
gamblingsugal 1
games, play, funlà mdengen 1
ganglykidal 1
ganta, a dry measurement; measurement of approx. 2.2 kggantang 1
garbage piledesenfól 1
garbage; scraps; rubbish; dried branchesfól 2
garden of root crops and cornbalas 1
garlicahos 1Allium sativum.
gather or flock togetherskumu 1
gather something up to take awayuku 1
gather together, entertaingluk 1fromluk 2To work alongside in order to encourage someone; to oversee and at the same time help, thus encouraging someone else to work.
gather together; arrange in one placestifun 1
gather up, as a skirtkuhu 2
gather, collect, make plentyhóngón 1
gawk; tip one's head back and look up; look up to someone (rely or depend on)hesngól 1
gaze in aweteneng 1
general; take and use without permissionlab 1
generallylab 1
generationból 2
generation, descendantslugod 1
generous, liberal, openhandedmasa 1
genital area (of people)desnolu1 1fromsolu
genuine gold colorgading 1
germinate seedlingsklogo 3
germinate, sproutlesob 1
get bigger even after a scab has formed (of wound)luub 2
get caught under somethingtufil 1
get hung up, caught up in something; get stuckgékét 1fromékét
get into things resulting in troublegdot 1fromdot
get married (to reach each other by marriage)sgefet 1fromgefet
get out of alignment or bend by twistingsebesuk 1
get stuck or caught between somethingsufit1 2
get, acquire; gain respect of peoplegwa 2fromwa 1To obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.
get, take all of somethingna 1
get, take some but not allma 1
ghost believed to visit a dead body before burialkyongkéng 1
ginger plant and rootstalkmala tonok 1Zingiber officinalis.
girl, woman, femalelibun 1
girl, young ladyngà libun 1
give a gift, usually expectedbasa 1
give a warningngak 1
give advice; sing back and forth in riddlestolù 1
give birthmeslóng 1