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hackles (of roosters)ubung 1
hail stonebulók kulón 1
hair cutkliling 2
hair oilgwa 1fromwa 1To obtain, acquire, take, get, to trade, barter.koho 1
hair on the tip of a pig's tailbil 1
hair; corn silkwek 1
half; part ofsóól 1
halfwaysóól 1
hammerbakbak 1
hammock, cradlehuyù 1
hampering; restraint; hang up; preventionskét 1
hand guard on a daggerafà 1
hand of bananasfék 1
hand out, palm up when asking for somethingtfólól 1fromhólól
hand over, carry over (a child) to anotherufuk 1
hand over, carry over to anotherahay 1
hand something or a child over to someonesingit 1
hand something to someone; offer somethingogu 1
hand-woven abaca clothtnalak 1
handful of anythingskem 1fromkem 2
handful of harvested rice held in the hand by the stemslogom1 1
handkerchiefmesala 1
handle of a knife or bolosubeng 1
handle of a knife, cup, kettle; part of a bowhagu 1
handle of an arrow, speardol 1
handle things with laughterkwidi 1
handle things, as childrenkwedeg 1
handle, as a court case; in charge of; coachkem 3
handsawget 1
handspandangaw 1
handspan length (of gold on a Tboli necklace)bak 4
hang all over the placetlonton 1
hang down over something, as a vinegléléy 1
hang down, as vines, leavesgaub 1
hang onto and pull something towards oneselfkéwê 1
hang something upsuféng 1
hang something up by its handle or stringsdang 1
hang up a bunch of ears of corn; tie a traphówól 1fromówól 2To hang; to tie around the neck.
hang up with a rope or tie; entangled; hung up in many things, problemstléwéng 1
hang up, as clothes on a linehólós 1
hang upside down, as bats from a treelekéwê hlosok 1
hang, as bats on a tree; hang onto a rope (of women having a hard delivery)lekéwê 1fromkéwê
hang; tie around the neckówól 2
hangingkawang 1
hanging and torn, as skin from a woundkambil 1
hanging aroundtimbul 1
hanging, as plans; lost, mixed up, entangled, as one's lifegtéwéng 1fromtéwénggtimbeg 1gtimbul 1fromtimbul
hanging, no direction (of one's life)ksów 2
happen at the same timesengan 2