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I (-e set)-e 1
I don't knowngunte 1
I have no ideangunu 1
I thought that/assumed that...fodo 1
I told you soihi 1
I, me (ou set)o 1
I, me, my, mine (-u set)-u 1
identical, the same; parallelsfatà 1
idol; false goddwata kéng 1
if in casetebyà 2
if onlymulà 1
if you'd allow me; excuse metebyà 1
if, providedsilung 2
if, whenke 2
ignorant, uneducated; poorawam 1
ignore, disregard, as when one is guiltyhlala 2
ignore; leave alone, let go of, allowbayà 1
ill-fitting, too loose (of a skirt); too low when carrying a child in tubular blanketglomboy 1
illegitimate childngà gu laan 1
illustrate using a story as an examplehefeng 1
illustrate, describe, compare, pretendhlingun 1
illustration, description, comparison, pretensehlingun 1
Imagine!; What a wonder!kihol 1
immature in attitude, as being impolite, rude, brutal, ill-manneredknawa là sikof 1
immature, unripe that is picked too soon (of fruit)hosot 1
immediate familyfes lówó1 1
immediate needsklot 1
immediately, at that very momenthmung 1frommung
immediately, quicklyslóng 2
immediately; at once; nowkdel 1
immerse a container so as to fill it2
immerse; soak in water; sink, as a boat; set, as sunleneb 1
impatientslò 1
impatient; easily angeredkosut 1
impede, hamperlinggot 1
impede, hinder, thwarttawik 1
impede, thwarttlawik 1fromtawik
imperfection; blemish, mix together, mingle, deformity, physical or moralbelen 1
impersonate, take the form of a known personhlingu 1fromlingu 2As, the same as.
implore, solicit, entreat; demandhetgut 1fromtgut
important; bigótóng 1
imprecise or inefficientewel 2
imprint, marktatak 1
imprinted permanently, hard to remove; deep, as a cutgeled 2
imprudent, rash, lacking in due caution1
in a hurry for something, want it immediatelyhkoso 1fromkoso
in agreement as two or more peoplestool 1fromtool
in front of; facingsnolu 1fromsolu
in linesektol 1fromketol
in the middle ofsóól 2