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jacket holder covering the end of an arrowluub 1
jagged, uneven, out of line; rough, as roadsebesuk 1
jagged, zigzag, curving around, as a path; wrinkledseblisuk 1
jail; pen; enclosurekukub 1
jaw, chinkakim 1
jealouslenget 1
jealous; keen for successélés nawa 1
jerk, as muscles relax during sleeptekdu 1
jew's-harp, made of bambookumbing 1
join another hen in her nest to lay eggs (of hens)dulen 2
join in with, take part in an activitygbót 1frombót
join in, take part insegluk 1fromgluk
join threads togethertbong 2
join together; make both ends meet, as a belt; covered, as the whole area, completesitong 1
join with another family in a house; join together in marriagesetnù 1fromtnù
joint (of bones)lefù 1
joist, beams forming the frameworkbala 1
journeyilo 2
jowls of a pigbaduk 1
joy, happinesskligal 1fromligal
July, month ofstileng bulón 1
jump (of fish or worms)hebetik 2frombetik
jump down from somethingkmó 2
jump up and chase after something; rise up suddenly after someonesakab 1
jump, leaphkak 1
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